How they give you belief systems so you get back to the same belief systems

Here is another telephone conversation between Alan Watt and a listener. Alan Watt used to host a radio programme on BRN called ‘Cutting Through the Matrix.’ Alan Watt was a giant of a man, and through his research, he was already seeing the agendas that were being planned, which is exactly what we are going through today. He was not compromised by anything or anyone, as he was not paid by anyone, so there was no hand that fed him which he had to worship.

Alan: I think we have a caller from Nevada. Are you there?

Larry: Yes. Hello Alan. This is Larry.

Alan: How are you Larry?

Larry: Good. I’d like to ask you what you think really happened in two events, quite big events in the U.S. back in the previous century. One of them is Amelia Earhart trip around the world where she supposedly disappeared and the other is the Lindberg kidnapping. I would like to know what you think really happened with these two events and really what was the significance of them?

Alan: The first one is up for grabs. You could speculate forever. The second one, there was a lot of dealing at that particular period with the U.S. and Germany as Germany came to the fore, there were lots of people within the Western world supported Hitler. In fact, Hitler was Time- Life Man of the Year twice in the 1930’s. Everybody was for him, including all the aristocracy of the western countries. I think he said a few things maybe he was blamed for and then he was given a form of blackmail that simply ended in disaster, so we’ll never get to the bottom of it. You’re as well as talking about Kennedy too. Until the perpetrators come out and tell us the absolute truth, all we’re left with is incredible suspicion because the facts don’t measure up.

Larry: Yes, those stories there’s lots of holes in both of them.

Alan: I don’t even bother chasing the mysteries because that what they’re put out there for the public too, to keep you intrigued forever; and when you’re intrigued in the past, you’re not looking towards what’s happening today or the future. All you can handle and all you can do is change the future. The past is gone.

Larry: That’s true.

Alan: There are so many authors put out there on purpose to intrigue you back into the past or way back into Atlantis. The only data you have on Atlantis came from Plato from his great, great uncle, Solon; and beyond that, there’s nothing else. The rest of it is speculation. A lot of stuff poured out by the high Masonic clubs back in the 1800’s has simply been rehashed a hundred times by new authors. The only data we have on things like that is very sparse indeed and a few histories left by various Greek historians. All we know of Atlantis is they went to war with the different countries and eventually the Spartans actually held them off and during that battle their home island went down. Many people think it was actually in the Aegean Sea where Thira and a few other islands around the rim of what once was a huge volcano; they still survive. We do know from the frescos on the walls, the hand paintings in every little room, these people were very, very wealthy. They left records of all their shipping. They were the great merchants of the world; but as far as high tech and all that went, there is no sign of it anywhere. It’s purely speculation.

Larry: It’s funny how people seem to put more credibility in what do you want to call it; people like Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus.

Alan: Nostradamus was the Grand Master of the Lodge in France at the time and under him was Lord Montgomery from Scotland. It’s quite easy to set-up the whole scenario there because those knights practiced every day from childhood and they could literally put a lance — they could knock a plum off a stick on the gallop and so it’s quite easy to get someone’s eye taken out and have Nostradamus predict in advance, especially when it was his second in command who did it and that was Montgomery from Scotland. The Montgomery’s of course along with the Sinclair’s were the heads of the remnants of the Knights Templar. It was part of the old revenue strategy, but there was nothing magical about it and even the name Nostradamus is an occultic play on words as well.

Larry: Yes. It seems that people seem to gravitate more towards — people are more interested in going to a psychic than to actually get facts from source.

Alan: It’s the same with Cayce. Edgar Cayce’s grandfather, this is admitted too and published — his grandfather was one of the High Masons in the U.S. at the time and even Cayce admitted himself that everything he knew was taught to him by his grandfather that spent most of his youth with him.

Larry: That’s interesting.

Alan: We’ve got to stop being fooled by the con men here and they put them out all the time. You see, the public are so fascinated by stuff they can never prove.

Larry: Yes exactly.

Alan: So you’re back into belief systems. They give you belief systems.

Larry: We’re back into paganism. We have all this ability to increase our intelligence yet we seem to gravitate towards–

Alan: What people want too — in all ages what they want is a guarantee of the future, like an insurance policy. They want to be told for them personally it’s going to turn out well. Everything is going to be hunky-dory and don’t worry you’ll get married to a tall, dark, handsome stranger and you’ll be very rich and all that kind of stuff. What they want is a prediction of good fortune for the future.

Larry: And they don’t care what. Look at Jean Dixon. She made a living out of making one correct prediction and it doesn’t matter how many times she’s wrong, people still gravitate toward — did gravitate toward her just because of her prediction with the assassination. Alan: Yes. You’ll find too there’s another one out there that’s got a lot of followers amongst married women, women in their 50’s and she also has made false predictions. She was sued recently, this particular one, not Dixon though. She was sued for telling a couple that their daughter was killed and murdered and she was paid for it and then they found out a while later the girl was still alive somewhere. You know people love this kind of stuff and that’s why they always generally pick the ancient past and so on, because you could never ever prove your theories. It’s wide open to speculation. It’s a universe of speculation and these characters the charlatans know how to take the public for a ride.

Larry: Thank you for your input and just before we part here, I live in Las Vegas and the last couple of years I noticed they’ve really been spraying heavy, but this year I notice there seems to be an absence of it. I have no idea why.

Alan: If you get up in the morning you might see them do it. See, a lot of the places now where it’s been more noticed, because they do take the pulse of the public when there’s a lot of complaints going on, they start spraying towards the morning off outside the city and the wind blows it over. You’ll find that’s been happening an awful lot recently. I see it at night sometimes. You’ll see them going under the moon and criss-crossing away and they use the prevailing winds to bring it over. Larry: So people seem to think that there’s absence of it when you’re just change the time schedule? Alan: That’s right, yes.

Larry: Well thank you Alan.

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

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