“Hi. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and going over the fact that the security agencies, the big secret services were in charge of both sides of the left and the right wings during the Cold War in the whole of Europe and across the Americas. They funded, sponsored and trained the people to be leaders. The idea being that those who would become radical or had the possibility of being radical and had big beefs to carry around with them would join preexisting groups. However, these preexisting groups would be led by trained agents basically. Not only that, they had the whole Cold War mapped out, just as they had World War II mapped out when you read the old books of The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations. They had world meetings before World War II where they had mapped out the world including Canada’s future right in and beyond the year 2000.

It’s the same thing that’s ongoing today. The big foundations and the big universities are hand in glove with the governments and corporate sponsors, which is called fascism basically, and they’re going full steam ahead with the next part of the global governance. This is from Mark, who sent me some information on this particular organization, I’m going to read his email. He said: ‘Jim Balsillie leads the creation of the new Canadian International Council. The CIIA to reestablish as the CIC in partnership with the CIGI.’ This is like something from Italy. ‘.. and the Munk Centre.’ This is Toronto, Ontario, September 6, 2007. ‘Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of Research in Motion (RIM) announced today a new partnership among the Canadian Institute of International Affairs…’

That’s the Canadian branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs. Australia, New Zealand and some other countries have theirs too. It’s all the same agency. In non- commonwealth countries, it’s called the CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations. They’ve formed a new partnership amongst the Canadian Institute for International Affairs. ‘…the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), and the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto through the Canadian International Council (CIC). Balsillie unveiled the new Canadian International Council after receiving an honorary degree from the University of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. The CIC will establish an important national fellowship program. The Council plans to fund annually 20 fellows from the leading ranks of academic, public service and business communities to collaborate in tackling major issues in foreign policy…’ Why are they getting involved in foreign policy you might ask yourself, because don’t we have a department of foreign affairs? Of course we do. However, you see, The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Canadian Institute for International Affairs have always been running your international affairs from the very beginning. They’re all in cahoots. They always have been in cahoots. They go on here to say: ‘… foreign policy, such as energy, trade and arms control. Fellows will base their work at universities across the country; the program will be headquartered at the Munk Centre in Toronto.’

That’s M-U-N-K. ‘…The CIC promises to transform the debate about and understanding of Canadian foreign policy…’

I’ve got to laugh at that one. ‘Transform the debate.’ When have the public ever been involved in any debate about foreign policy? We’re the last to know what’s going on and any debate that’s going on is within The Institute for International Affairs itself because that’s where all the debating takes place. ‘…The CIC will receive 1 million dollars in seed funding from Balsillie who, as Chair, is leading further fundraising efforts in the Canadian corporate community.’

There you are, your big foundations again with the front men pretending that they’re going to do charitable good for the world. Very much along the way of do good for poor people et cetera, et cetera. However, they’re all connected with the United Nations. You’ll find most of the big players in the left-wing circles in Canada and the Commonwealth countries when they left politics went to the United Nations to work for the Department of Overseas development. They get big funding from the taxpayer of the different countries and they sink it into their fascist piles, big corporate pockets to set up plants or oil fields or something in someone else’s country. That’s where the money has always gone. As I say, they run both sides of it. It goes on to say: ‘The Dinner will also celebrate Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as ‘Globalist of the Year. The fundraising effort represents a major new source of support in the field of foreign policy development, which has struggled for decades for research dollars.’

What a joke. ‘The partnership will enable the new CIC to look forward and increase the visibility and credibility of the CIIA’s extensive national network,’ says Douglas Goold, incoming President of the CIC. ‘The CIIA intends to incorporate its operations into the CIC…’ I love this stuff. You need a whole new dictionary to talk here. ‘…in order to further build upon the relationship that was established last year with CIGI, with additional capacity now created through the participation of the Munk Centre in the new Council. CIGI is committed to supporting this exciting new partnership through which its research on important international issues can find a Canadian expression,’ says Professor John English, Executive Director of CIGI. The Canadian International Council will build on the reputation of the Canadian Institute for International Affairs CIIA as a non-partisan…’

Ha-ha-ha. ‘non-profit…’ He-he-he. ‘…national forum…’ Ho-ho-ho. ‘…with over a thousand members across Canada and 13 branches from coast to coast. We are engaging leaders outside government who recognize the importance of Canada’s role in the world, and how important it is to our future generations of Canadians for this country to define that role,’ says Professor Janice Gross Stein, Director of the Munk Centre.’

I think Janice gives us all our opinions in foreign affairs on the public broadcasting stations here in Canada. ‘A diverse society like ours should be able to do serious thinking about our role in the world outside government and this is an enabling initiative. This is the first really national initiative in this area in half a century.’

Then it goes on to give all the media contacts to do with this particular story. What they’re doing basically is putting out their main fellows that are all trained in this, just like agents, into all the universities across Canada, who will then direct policy to all educators to give us new types of brainwashing for the globalist society. Not a nice fuzzy one, it’s a different kind of global society they have in mind, a society of complete order, because we find the people at the top are basically fascist orientated and they see themselves as them and us. We’re all rather stupid little commoners at the bottom, whereas they’re the elite intellectuals with all the honorary awards they’re given or they give to each other at the top and they have the right to say what goes on. However, they’re all really employees eventually when you really break it down of the big secret services like CSIS. That’s our branch of the CIA in Canada. Now that the CIA is integrated with CSIS, we’re all one now anyway and we’re also integrated with MI6, Mossad and a few other ones and have been for quite some time. That’s the reality of the world. We’ve been run by big organizations going way back to the days of Cecil Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes, who was put out there, who started up the first big foundation, multibillion-dollar foundation actually in today’s terms, to recruit intellectuals, certain people with certain abilities to be Rhodes Scholars for world government. They combined with the Lord Milner Round Table Society and they became The Council on Foreign Relations in America and The Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain and the International Affairs Associations throughout the Commonwealth countries.

They’ve been running a good part of the world since before World War II and they have annual debates; annual meetings where thousands of them get together. Bankers go in there. Politicians, ex-politicians, which they call technocrats, the movers and the shakers, and they basically plan out with all the heads of the various think tanks, they plan out the future of the world. They plan out society’s role.

All the big journalists and media personnel that you see on television to do with journalism, they’re all members themselves too. We have lived in a controlled society our whole lives and if you control information, you can control reality for most people because the information gives you what appears to be reality. They give you your opinions. They download them into you. They withhold certain information and leave you with other information or complete disinformation and that’s how we’re run.

Now that the supposed Cold War is over, they’ve done away with the little benefits they gave society in the West. Your fringe benefits, your higher welfare, unemployment insurance, et cetera, the perks that you got from employers such as drug plans, they’re just tossing them out the window. All the security you had, they’re tossing that out the window. They don’t have to pretend they’re nice anymore. There’s no competition so fascism is on a roll. It’s on a roll to take over the entire planet and they’re rather ruthless, as fascist always are. The signs are all there. And not only has it to do with the big foundations working hand in glove with governments, which is basically corporate fascism, because all these big foundations are headed by men who own international corporations. You’re also seeing the police go the same way with their buying, their purchasing of military equipment. When your police are buying what basically are armored cars in the very quiet countries, it’s because something wicked this way comes and it’s beginning to smell pretty bad.”


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