We need to be coming together because we’re going into the biggest worldwide fascist system that’s ever existed on the planet

“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is October 22nd, 2007 and for newcomers, check into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for more downloadable, free downloads that is, histories of this old planet of ours, it keeps spinning around somehow. For those who speak the languages of Europe, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for free transcripts they can print up and pass around.

The reason people should be doing this kind of thing is because we’ve got to get out of the boxes we’re stuck in. We’ve got to get out of the little groups we’re stuck in, the way we’re taught to see things, little tunnels, you know, which group do you belong to? Which sect do you belong to? and which gender do you belong to? and the other divisive groups that we have out there that were deliberately made divisive during the ’60’s and ’70’s and ’80’s during the Cold War when the long-term agenda was to destroy all that was to make room for that which will be new. That’s the complete new system, which is rearing its ugly head right now in all of its old black- colored uniform codes of ages past. The executioner wore black, he was a big law man.

In the late ’90’s across most of the western world, the police stopped being the blue line and became the black line because the uniforms changed overnight. No one was really told about this, but they did put out teams of police wearing these brand new uniforms including the combat boots and the black ties and shirts. Strangely enough, I walked through a local spud town (a spud is a potato) and I saw these four characters walking along the road with their spanking new black uniforms and it wasn’t so much them I watched. It was the rest of the public because they didn’t seem to notice and that’s what scared me even more.

People today, most of them are gone already. They’re socialized. They’ve been trained that Big Brother is taking care of them and if there’s anything worth knowing, the media is going to tell them. The media is there to tell them what to think about. That’s how they see things and that’s why they don’t see things in fact, because the spraying in the skies has been going on for years now, all over their heads and they don’t notice it. If you point it out to them, they make excuses and say it’s just condensation trails because people have no memory you must understand. They have no memory of last year, two years ago, five or ten. They listen to the media and the media really is there for them to tell them what to think. They really truly believe that.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was quite correct when he said ‘shortly the general public will be unable to reason for themselves. The media will do it for them.’ That’s happened for most people and the fear today is amongst those understand what’s going on, but they’ve still got to get out of their groups and see the big, big picture and start coming together because we’re going into the biggest fascist system — a worldwide fascist system that’s ever existed on the planet. During the Cold War, and this is declassified information now, the MI6 of Britain and the Commonwealth countries and the CIA of the U.S. pretty well took over the whole culture industry; but not only that. They created all the left-wing groups. The idea being that if they created the biggest left-wing groups, then all those who had beefs to carry would join them and they’d be led along harmless roads.”


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