[From the live radio program of Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]

Alan: Now I think Jeff is still on the line. Hello Jeff, are you there?

Jeff: Alan.

Alan: Yes.

Jeff: Hi. How you doing? I got disconnected before but I didn’t get to my question — the main question I wanted to ask you was you had mentioned before about the gentleman that was the father of the inoculations with the polio vaccines with the cancer viruses inside. My question to you is like you’ve said before. A lot of what you read, they spin you off into a completely different direction and I know there’s a cure for this stuff. Is there a book back that you’ve come across — early books that actually made some sense on this cancer virus that you know of, because the last I’ve read was something about Raymond Rife and the guy, his discoveries on electrodes.

Alan: I know all about that. They still sell these machines today but I’ve yet to meet anyone that’s ever been cured of anything by one of these machines and they’re very expensive. The machines they’re selling are nothing like the ones that Rife used. He used a tube which flashed a light very similar to an x-ray. The one they’re selling today are simply little electrodes attached to the skin.

Jeff: Right. So basically the only people that get these treatments are the elite?

Alan: There are real cures for things but the public will never have access to them. Back in ’95 I think it was, the politicians of every western country signed orders in council really, agreed to put bills through to give themselves particular preferential treatment, themselves and their families, mind you, all politicians and higher bureaucrats, special treatment in high quality military hospitals. It was never explained to the public why they should have a different set up for them, but, yes, they do get inoculations that really do work. They don’t get the stuff that kills us off that we get.

Jeff: My mother’s got it and I took her a couple of times for her treatment and it’s amazing the amount of people that have cancer. I mean the people are really dropping like flies Alan.

Alan: Yes. If you go into the cancer statistics — you ought to go into it. 30 years ago, doctors were being trained that cancers were maybe 1 in 10,000. Today, they’re actually coming out and believing it’s 1 in 2 and they think it’s normal, so they don’t know their histories, those young doctors.


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