“Stephen Jay Gould, the great Harvard evolutionary geologist of the 20th century said, ‘Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.’

Now evolutionary theory isn’t the cause of racism. It’s sin that is the cause of racism. But evolutionary theory has fuelled racism and given people supposedly scientific justification for racism. And the diagrams that the evolutionists use to convince people of evolution are inherently racist.

This one is from Time Life. The skin gets lighter and the last one is a Caucasian:

Or this one from National Geographic:

Or this one from Discovery Channel:

These are inherently racist diagrams. But there’s only one race. But let me ask you a question. Which of the people in this picture are coloured people?

I submit to you they are all coloured. We are stuck with this language that just confuses issues and keeps us from thinking and believing the truth. I am not white. This lady in the front row has a white sweater on. I’m not white. I’m light brown. If you find anybody who is white, you should call 911 because they’re in real, big trouble. And we’ve got some people back here that have much darker skin than me. But they are not black. I can tell. Their hair is black. But their skin is dark brown. We actually all have the same colour. We all have a pigment in our skin called melanin and it’s just that some of us have DNA information that says just make a little bit of melanin. And they’re light brown like me. And then you have others were the DNA says no, let’s make lots of melanin for these and they are much darker skin. And then there are others who have DNA that says well, let’s just make kind of a medium amount. And so we have people like Asian people, or Middle Eastern people or Hispanic people.”

You can watch the lecture here.

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