“However, the facts stand out for themselves as well. When something happens in life, since nothing evolves, I’ve never seen anything evolving in my life, since nothing happens by itself, then when something changes drastically within the human body — whether it’s the falling sperm count down 75 percent of what it was in the average western male through the 1950’s — it doesn’t happen by itself. They discussed all these.

They published their findings at the beginning of the 1900’s and in the middle of 1900’s and even today they publish their little documents on reducing the population and what they’d have to do to do it. Lo and behold, if you start thinking about it, you realize that they actually have been doing it. I can remember when the political leader for the Quebec party in Canada came down with the flesh-eating disease some years ago, a little quip in the Toronto Sun just happened to mention it, and he lost a leg I think from it, Mr. Bouchard. The Toronto Sun had a little appendage onto the story and it said that Bouchard’s wife and daughter both had minor flesh-eating disease symptoms on their upper arms; and I thought, where are the inoculation sites? -The upper arms, on the thighs or the buttocks. Where did Bouchard get it? —In his leg, which tells you that the upper politicians you see are always given injections for up-and-coming diseases long before the public hear of them; and certainly, even when you have antidotes et cetera, the public will never ever hear of them.

That’s why they changed the laws in the western world when Mr. Manning was in, in Canada, and they gave all politicians and their families coverage, complete coverage under military hospitals in times of crisis that would be excluded from the public, they wouldn’t get in at all, and it all makes sense. Now in every batch of inoculations you always get one that’s more virile than others and someone will come down with the actual disease itself, and I think that’s what happened to Mr. Bouchard. I’m pretty certain his family also had the injections and that’s why his wife and daughter both had symptoms of it on their upper arms. Again, simple detective work. That’s how you work on things. You use your reasoning — something that’s in short supply today. I don’t give you the good news and I don’t flog any antidotes to it either. I just tell you the bad news as it is and at least some of you who have children can perhaps make a decision as to whether to go ahead and have more and more injections. Never mind just the mercury, you have no idea what those injections really are.”

[Alan Watt on his radio programme, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]


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