“We find that 100 years ago they wanted a vastly reduced population. How do you get it? Russell and others talked about the problem of helping the people by inoculations and killing off diseases, and at the same time raising the population. It was counter productive and so Russell himself said the best thing they could hope for was another black plague, a black death, and Malthus said that long before him. I’m sure these characters were all related no doubt or interbred down through the ages and they all had the same agenda.

Look at the death rate today. It’s skyrocketing. Everyone is coming down with cancers. The industry is gone from the shores of most of Europe and there’s less smoke. They’re not burning coal fires like they used to, and yet lung cancer is gone through the roof even though about 80 percent less people smoke or have ever smoked than before.

Start thinking. We’re being killed off gradually and that’s the best way to do it, by the elites point of view, it doesn’t panic with the people. Even young doctors now are coming on the news and they’ve been taught that it’s quite natural that one out of every two will get cancer or even a few cancers and die off with it. They’re taught that’s normal, whereas the doctors of 30, 40 years ago were taught about all the different kinds of cancers and how rare certain ones were — one in 10,000, 20 or 100,000. Now they’re told the opposite. They’re told pretty well one out of two is going to come down with cancer and that’s what you always do. You must brainwash those who are going to work on the people. They get the most indoctrination. That’s why they’re called doctors, IN- DOCTRINATION. They’ve been doing it. That’s the bad news.

They have been bringing us all down. There’s hardly a person today who has a complete immune left. I’m sure that the inoculations that they gave us when we were young that was part of the agenda. It was to help destroy the immune system so that eventually something simple that’s released that we should be immune to, or we would have resistance to, could probably kill us off quite easily.

I can remember when the first so-called ‘Bubble Boy’ came out, the first boy with a complete allergy syndrome back in the ’60s, and that was a novelty then. They showed it on television, BBC and so on, he had to live in this huge bubble complex with filtered air and all the rest of it because he was immune, he was allergic to everything. That had never happened before. Now what had changed over the years? The inoculations had been stepped up and the polio vaccine came out and I’m positive that polio vaccine was the worst one that was ever given, because it’s admitted to now there was over 100 monkey or simian viruses — they call them simians. That’s why you have ‘The Simpson’s,’ the closest thing to it. You have simian viruses; live simian viruses in every shot and the Simian-40 virus had one purpose. That’s what scientists came up with that later looked at it. The one purpose that Simian-40 virus had was to cause cancer, and who gave us this particular inoculation? The great Dr. Salk. What was the history of the great Dr. Salk? Dr. Salk was a top eugenicist from The Eugenicist Society for many, many years who wrote about the necessity of culling off the population, so the wolf changed its clothing and became a hero and he’s still applauded today. We should start thinking for ourselves, for those at least who still have the capacity and ability to do it, because we’re being taken down pretty fast.

It’s shocking to see how many injections and inoculations now babies are given. They’re hitting them before their immune systems are even working and that’s why they end up not working so well after all. That’s the bad news; and how easy it is to do it when you have training the public. Once again, as Jacques Ellul said, all entertainment is propaganda, because along with the story you’re being propagandized. That’s why most entertainment on television or in the movies is to do with detectives, the law — I wouldn’t call them service, but the legal system and also medicine. They’ve elevated doctors up to the superhuman ranks of gods and they’re the new experts that run our lives. People within one or two generations now believe everything that they’re told by doctors, as indeed the doctors do themselves since they had more indoctrination.”

[Alan Watt, Radio Programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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