The system can fool people into buying “fat-free” versions of things because they believe them to be healthier, and if it can fool millions of people for decades, it can fool people into buying ANYTHING. That’s why the astute among us need to continue to be steadfastly doubtful of anything they say.

It never ceases to surprise me what can be normalised to individuals who are under the spell of the matrix.

The Elites gained a lot of insight from observing and studying how readily individuals everywhere gave up their independence and blindly followed orders. No wonder, this clown charade is still going on. People refuse to wake up.

You would still be smoking the brand of cigarettes your doctor prescribed, feeding kids heroin-laced cough syrup, dousing people in DDT, and ingesting cocaine if science was never questioned. Do you know that in the 1950s, doctors recommended smoking, and patients could buy cigarettes at their bedside?

The myth that the sun is harmful has been spread among us. Reduced sun exposure has been associated with higher rates of metabolic syndrome, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, autism, asthma, type 1 diabetes, and myopia. It’s strange that the items that promote health are also the ones we are advised to stay away from the most. As it happens, staying out of the sun can be just as harmful as smoking. According to Lindqvist (2016), ‘non-smokers who stayed out of the sun had a life expectancy similar to smokers who soaked up the most rays.’

They made us swallow that the sun is the enemy and that we need to protect our skin from it with sunscreen. Sunscreen is toxic. Toxic compounds found in sunscreen stay in the bloodstream for 24 hours after application. Sadly, this is not what you are sold because the money needs to keep flowing.

The thing that terrifies me the most about individuals who genuinely put their trust in governments and psychopaths such as Bill Gates is that their intuition and senses are so terribly flawed that they genuinely fail to detect anything questionable. That kind of detachment from their instincts scares me to no end.

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