In a post on his Facebook page, David Casa reminded you of how PN deceived you so that Malta becomes a colony of the EU. He wrote:

“Wara snin twal nirsistu għas-sħubija ta’ Malta fl-Unjoni Ewropea, kien bħal dalgħodu li tħabbar il-vot ta’ tama tal-poplu Malti u Għawdxi. Mument storiku li fetaħ kapitlu ġdid ta’ benefiċċji konkreti pożittivi f’ħajjitna, viżjoni li nkomplu nirsistu fuqha.”

[After many years working hard for Malta’s membership in the European Union, it was on such a morning that the vote of hope of the Maltese and Gozitan people was announced. A historic moment that opened a new chapter of concrete positive benefits in our lives, a vision that we continue to insist on.]

The PN is just another joke of a party. It is just another side of the same coin of the PL. The narrative gives you hope that it will bring you a different vision on a plate, of course. But the Maltese victims who fail to remove the blindfold and ear plugs and are still victims of partisan politics, will still applaud their PN for this ‘great feat’ when Malta became member of the EU. But if you read the comments on this post, you will see that the popolin cannot get further than being partisan politics while the hunters and trappers just moan about their right to their hobby.

But for Casa this was a feat of hope and a new chapter of concrete positive benefits. Hope? Positive benefits? Malta has sold its soul to the EU and became a colony on that day. Malta is now the victim of all the EU’s evil agendas. What positive benefits is Casa talking about? Is it the money that it gives as carrots so that people are funnelled through its Agendas Funnel? Is he talking about the fact that Malta has become a target and a lethal frontline gap of illegal immigration and is now imploding with illegal immigrants ever since, leaving Malta, and Europe in general, struggling to cope?

What about the climate crime that the EU is part of? What about unelected von der Leyen’s speech at the United Nations’ COP28 climate summit, whereby she propagated the lie that CO2 is a pollutant, serving as the control knob for global temperatures whereby she stated: “If we want to keep global warming below the tipping point of 1.5 degrees, we need to cut global emissions. And there is a way to cut emissions while fostering innovation and growth: Put a price on carbon… If you’re polluting, you must pay a price. You want to avoid the payment, well, then innovate and decarbonise.”

What about the EU’s opposition to free speech? Unelected von der Leyen described how the EU plans to establish control over free speech and social media platforms. Because the fascists in the European Union want to shut down any opposition.

What about the fact that the EU parliament gave the final green light to digital ID regulation with 335 votes to 190, with 31 abstentions, before it is endorsed by the EU Council of Ministers to become law? How did you, Casa, and all Maltese MEPs vote? What about the subsequent fact that the EU Parliament and Council have ratified a law to create a digital ID system called http://E.ID? What about the call by unelected head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, for world leaders to roll out digital ID, CBDC and a cashless society globally by 2030? The EU will have those that do not comply become non-persons.

What about the EU’s plan to have alternative to Russian energy, where the same EU has “rolled out an ambitious renewable energy plan that it hopes will achieve two goals: reducing emissions and eliminating the need for Russian fossil fuels. The plan, known as RePowerEU seeks to have 45 percent of the bloc’s energy come from renewable sources by 2030, up from 22 percent in 2020. The EU foresees investing more than $2120 billion in the plan by 2027. This will build upon previous plans to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, meaning the amount of greenhouse gas emitted would be equal to the amount removed from the atmosphere.” Can you see the problem + reaction=solution modus operandi here, dear popolin?

What about the war on farmers? The EU, with its green policy, is committing a green murder. It is cutting food production worldwide. The EU has set a war on food, with the aim of starving humanity, so that you ear their fake meat and the bugs. Also, always remember that a starved population will comply to any solution that is offered to them.

What about the scandal between Von der Leyen and Pfizer?

What about the ties of Von der Leyen with Big Pharma?

Corruption in the EU of whose parliament you are part of, David Casa, stinks to the core.

What about the fact that billions of euros of our taxpayers’ money were burnt when billions of unwanted Covid-19 vaccines were burnt and nobody asked us the citizens anything when those vaccines were bought? Is this the hope you are talking of, David Casa?

There are millions of examples one can give. Let us not forget the EU’s political tactics in the Russian/Ukraine and Israel conflicts.

Is this what you want to remind the people of, David Casa? Haven’t you, together with all MEPs, become traitors of Malta and the Maltese people, while you serve your EU? Don’t you think that those who are fully aware, know that the PN is in league with the Nazi EU, because all political ideologies have become nazism and communism?

The EU is just another authorized insanity. The EU is the tower of Babylon, serving the whore of Babylon, which is the UN. And all obey their elitist puppeteers.

When Malta became part of the European Union, Malta became a colony of the EU. When Malta became a colony of the EU, it became a servant of the New World Order.

But David Casa, sells you all this as ‘hope’ and ‘positive benefits’. Another fraud.

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