Social policy minister Michael Falzon admitted to you that when you were told that ‘foreigners are paying for your pension’ is yet another government lie. Tickle under your armpits, dear Maltese people.

This is because at a conference of financial literacy last Wednesday, he “urged people to invest in private pension plans,” “warning that a demographic shift to an ageing population could impact the public pension system.”

 “With the current (demographic) rates, we need to talk about private pension schemes. Some people may say we are admitting defeat and that we won’t be able to provide for our people in 20 years.” 

I am no economist, but can I ask why workers are paying their N.I. if this is the case? I hope that Minister Michael Falzon is not expecting us to pay our N.I. and a private pension plan simultaneously from our salary! Because all of us who work might as well stop having the N.I. contributions deducted monthly from our salaries, so that we can then invest in a private pension plan. And I will repeat this ad eternum: if a worker pays for his/her N.I. for 40 years, how come does s/he get 2/3 of A CAPPED PENSION? Not only do I ask where does the other 1/3 go, but why is it capped? As far as I know, the pension of politicians is not capped. Isn’t the government robbing the people, in broad daylight? But then, when they assemble in parliament, they clap when they announce that they are going to increase your pension for a few euros. They are not improving anything, dear pensioners! They are giving you back what you have paid for many years!

Didn’t politicians tell us that foreigners, including illegal immigrants, are paying for our pension? Doesn’t this show that you were told another lie of the millions they utter, so that you accept a new reality? Tickle under your armpits, dear Maltese readers.

[Isn’t it for this that we have around 100,000 foreigners so that they can my pension? I am quoting the Invictus (i.e. Dr. Joseph Muscat)]

Even a foreigners living in Malta had something to say about this:

Minister Falzon said that “if you have a certain number of people working, pensions are sustainable.” Aren’t more people working nowadays? Didn’t you all ‘deromanticise’ motherhood, selling women the lie that only with a career they can be emancipated? Weren’t women encouraged to pursue a career and go out to work? Because of Malta’s recent high inflation and hyperinflation of real estate, women cannot afford to stay at home or work fewer hours for less money. They may be able to afford it for a short while, which is why they only have one child, but they will eventually have to go back and they will be afraid to go through it again. Employers should be the ones driving this cultural transition, therefore incentives should flow there. Even during the interview stage, there ought to be greater flexibility and a culture of understanding, acceptance, and adaptation. Is the government doing something about this?

Why did politicians slowly move society onto a path whereby it thinks that people who hold ‘traditional values’ romanticise motherhood, and now, after achieving wonderful results in managing to ‘deromanticize’ motherhood, you are still hinting that Malta has a problem because of low birth-rate?!

Why don’t you make marriage sacred again? Why is marriage being de-sacralised?

What is the government doing to encourage hard-working couples to buy cheap property, help them settle down, raise their income instead of encouraging cheap labour? What is the government doing to incentive couples to have more children? And if Malta has a low birth rate, why are Europeans being told not to have children to ‘save the environment’ so to ‘lower the carbon footprint’ while illegal immigrants are being thrown in the EU so to ‘halt decline’ in populations? Does this make sense to you?

Instead of throwing the solution on the shoulders of the working people, as the usual modus operandi of communism, why doesn’t the government improve the quality of life for all inhabitants while working towards decreasing population density, as this would help with most current local issues? What about giving back the opportunity to parents of raising their own children? The current parental leave situation is a joke and the Labour government has promoted the raising of children by child carers in nurseries, while the trend is the expectation of teachers to be babysitters in schools?!

It looks like the ability of the government to manufacture fraud is now exceeding his ability to detect it!

Between income tax, employment tax, capital gains taxes, property taxes, and social security taxes, the government is now taxing you to death.


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