Corruption in the EU stinks to the core – the ties of Ursula Von der Leyen and her husband Heiko with Big Pharma.

Ursula Von der Leyen whose maiden name is Albrecht has a doctorate in medicine. Her husband Heiko is the medical director of Orgenesis a U.S. Biotech company specialising in gene therapies such as Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

She has been on its scientific council since 2019 and has held her position since September 2021. Pfizer and Orgenesis have a very close relationship since Orgenesis was actively involved in the development of the Pfizer vaccine and is now developing the Bioshield Program which has the stated intention of inventing a super vaccine that they are testing in mice.

Previously Heiko Von der Leyen and Orgenesis Vice President Vincent Vandamme worked for eleven years for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a British multinational pharmaceutical company. Prior to joining GSK Vandamme was quality Director for eight years at Pfizer. Many other Orgenesis employees also previously worked at Pfizer.

Shortly before the pandemic exactly on 1stAugust 2019 GSK and Pfizer announced an agreement to combine several of their businesses into a joint venture – GSK Consumer Health Care. The links between Pfizer and Orgenesis are also evident. Their largest shareholders are the same investment funds according to the New York Stock Exchange. Not only are the contracts signed between Pfizer and Ursula Von der Leyen secret but the exchange of text messages and phone calls between the two parties have deliberately been deleted. Is this true? And still aren’t there ways and means for investigations to be done for justice to reign in this world? Or does this only apply to the gentiles?

To add insult to injury Ursula has proposed to repeal the Nuremberg Code to make vaccines mandatory for 445 million people living in the EU. It is therefore not possible to confirm whether Pfizer has paid commissions for signing the contract in what amount and to whom. At a rate of $20 per dose Pfizer has extracted $36 billion from the EU.

For a contract that size Brussels pays a commission of 2% which means that somebody has pocketed $760 million in commissions.
It is logical that she advocates vaccinating all Europeans and the more often the better.

By civil or military means there was already a conflict of interest with Ursula von Der Leyen’s son David who worked for the consulting firm McKinsey and participated in the company’s profits. McKinsey received millions of euros for advising the Bundeswehr the German army when she was the Government’s Minister of Defense.

The multinational McKinsey is the company that has redesigned the advertising campaigns of the pandemic and has even been in charge of the logistics and distribution of the vaccines.

No wonder “coincidentally” The Time Magazine [is it another Elite publication?] has called Ursula Von der Leyen “Europe’s Power Broker” in the possible imaginary scenario of breaking any rule of law to gain power.

This is huge corruption in the E.U. while turning you into Big Pharma lab rats that all governments on all levels and all parties have encouraged and forced on all nations in the scientific world of illusion and holograms from the filthy rich of the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al. And they all did this “for your health and safety”.

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