Schools, and colleges are at a loss. The situation is becoming so aggravated, that soon it will implode.

Lecturers, teachers, LSEs, heads of schools and assistant heads, and school staff are so burnt out because of the situation, that soon, it will implode.

We can also add parents too, who are in situations that no matter what kind of disciplinary measurements they take so to correct their children, they find out that nothing is working and that their children are out of control. Soon, the situation will implode.

With reference to the recent local news where the police are investigating a student’s assault on an MCAST lecturer during a classroom test, we can say that schools and colleges have reached a point of no return. We are at the point which was put into motion by the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the United Nations, the whore of Babylon. As this site has published in another blog, quoting what Alan Watt has shown about this declaration, when the UN has come out with the rights of the child in 1959, the UN shifted all the rights onto the child and removed any that parents had. To parents, we can also add lecturers, teachers, school staff and anyone whose work revolves around children. Children today have no duties and obligations but only rights while parents, teachers and so forth were loaded with duties and obligations.

The UN has fooled the whole world with its fuzzy language and the politicians, being puppets of the same UN, have led schools and colleges to a context where they do not know what to do with the students anymore. It is debilitating and exhausting. This is one of the reasons why teachers are leaving their profession.

Malta says thank you to the State and to its clowns in parliament who have pushed children and youth to a point where they disobey those who love them and wish their best, while at the same time pushing the majority to obey unjust laws and tolerate injustice and corruption. Everything has been inverted in this world of inversion of as above, so below.

No wonder the Staff Development Sessions which were imposed on schools were changed to COPE sessions, which schools have to do per term, because in schools, you either COPE or you leave. Please note that in such COPE sessions, teachers have to dance to the same music. All they hear is ‘You should do this,’ and ‘You should do that,’ while they are overloaded with responsibilities towards their defiant students.

And no one organises sessions for the children about what their duties and responsibilities are.

And no one understands how schools and education, strip children of critical thinking and of their soul, because of the fact that the puppeteers use schools for their gain, after having taken control of the educational system.

If you were a teacher like I was, and observe while feeling in your bones the radical, chaotic, and evil continuous, yearly changes that schools went through, academically and behaviour wise, you would all be saddened to understand in what mess is this world. Academically schools are just walls for brainwashing the tabula rasa of children who have to go through the same funnel. Behaviour wise – we can start by mentioning the lack of basic manners, let alone.

If you understand how hard being a teacher is, you would not vomit venom and bad mouth teachers, saying that ‘being a teacher is a cushy job, considering the working hours and the holidays.’ If you have never been a teacher, be quiet.

Children are the adults of tomorrow, the parents of tomorrow, and the future of today. How do you think the future looks?

You can already have a glimpse into it, because after fooling the whole world with its fuzzy language with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the UN has sponsored the study ‘World Happiness Report,’ in order to have an idea of how unhappy it has made the youth become. That is how it gauges how its plans are succeeding. Evil agendas will neither bring you order, nor happiness.

Malta says thank you to the State and to its clowns in parliament, while we wait in earnest for Education Minister Clifton Grima to come up with the usual bullshit of “Solidarity with the lecturer” bla bla bla…

Teachers, lecturers and school staff say thank you to the State for following the orders of the UN, the whore of Babylon.

2 Timothy 3:1-3: They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good.

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