Alan: We had a Kevin in Texas too. Are you there? Hello.

Kevin: I had a little more of a practical question I guess in a way. I don’t have a computer. I listen to you every chance I get on the radio. I think it was last Friday I heard a man called in and he was talking to you referring to your book. I didn’t know you had written a book. Is that true?

Alan: Yes. There’s three out there on this particular topic.

Kevin: Okay, what I was wondering is how can I get a hold of your book?

Alan: You’d have to write to me or phone me off the air and actually you could probably hang on for the engineer. I can talk to you then once the next break comes up.

Kevin: That’s what I was really wondering is how can I get your books. Alan: You’d have to write to me. Do you know someone with a computer because the address is there?

Kevin: Okay. I do. My son does have a computer and I do know your website, so I’ll get your address off the website. Alan: The address is there and an order form too.

Kevin: And an order form. Alan: It tells you exactly what to do and how much they cost. I’ve written books previously to this whole side of it, but right now I’m just concentrating on Cutting Through the Matrix.

Kevin: I don’t have a computer. I really don’t plan on getting one, but I can always get to one if I have to.

Alan: Sure, you do that.

Kevin: I heard him referring to your book and actually he was referring to certain pages last week and when you all were talking, I was thinking, I’ve got to get these books. That’s what I need.

Alan: I do go through the occult side of it. I show you some of the coding that’s used everyday in the newspapers. I show you how to put words together and how the coding works on the Masonic side of it too and some of their codes and how literally they built codes into the English language, because the English language as we know it is a fairly recent phenomena in the last 500 years. Francis Bacon and John Dee talked about creating this language of the future that would be international, they meant for business; and sure enough, English is the international business language they use today. They put together a language, called it English. Before that, they spoke basically an old form of Saxon and German in England and this is the language they put coding right into the language and the alphabet too.

Kevin: Yes sir. Of course I’m American but my family is from Scotland and several of the old people when I was a kid they all spoke Gaelic. They used to talk about how English was not a real language.

Alan: It was put together as I say and they tried to say there was a lot of French words inserted, and some of them were later on, but really they put out the English language through Shakespeare and through the King James Bible and it came through the universities at the time and then proliferated amongst the people, until eventually people by mimicking about 100 years later all spoke this fairly new language. All the old words, there’s thousands of old words that are long gone and are all related to Germanic and Saxon roots and even Gaelic itself has a lot in common with that too. Similar words, Vassar et cetera for water. They updated the languages because they knew 500 years ago at Queen Elizabeth I court that they were going to create a world of free trade with one system and John Dee coined the term the British Empire, and he said it would be based on free trade with most favored nation status for certain countries if they joined, 500 years ago.

Kevin: Yes sir you’re right and I’m sure you’re probably aware of — a lot of people aren’t really, but if you look in the front of your bible, whatever bible you have at home, if you find out it was printed by the Oxford Press you may have some things to worry about there.

Alan: Even the King James Bible if you get the Scottish edition, which I have here, it’s got the tribute given by the printers to King James and he’s called a Sion in there. Sion, the royal Sion and he’s also called that great SUN, and Queen Elizabeth that preceded him is called That Great Occidental Star.

Kevin: Yes sir you’re right.

Alan: You see. Everything has been tampered with down through the ages.

Kevin: And so I could get the information to get your books on Cutting Through the Matrix?

Alan: That’s right.

Kevin: Through — is it spelled completely or is it the shortened version?

Alan: It’s the complete one.

Kevin: Well that’s all I really need. I’ll be ordering books from you.

Alan: Okay. I’ll talk to you again.

Kevin: Thank you sir.

[Alan Watt, Radio Programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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