The United Nations fooled us with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959

“A few years ago the United Nations came out with the laws of the child or the rights of the child; and, being good creatures that we are, no one complains because it sounds good. That’s the fuzzy language they use, because we like children, children are nice, so children should have rights. It wasn’t until it was all passed and put through, as always, when people looked into it they found it had nothing to do with what they thought it did. They found out that the child had all the rights and the parents had none. That’s by the state itself. That’s how these things are put through. They fool us at every single turn and very few people realize it.

Now, as I say, almost the whole world are doing these little fairly quiet emergency preparedness exercises because they must terrify the whole world into giving up the last vestiges of their rights to go into a controlled, dictated, dictatorial society. That’s what all of this is about. When they contained the Iron Curtain and had the ring around Russia, the Soviet system, Stalin had to find enemies within because really there were no more enemies without; and to maintain power in that kind of system you just create enemies, so they were looking for terrorists across — or, you know, they’re looking for bluebloods under every bed. In the West, they were looking for ‘Reds under the bed.’ That was the term they used at the time. You always find enemies within. Now, with this rush towards mandatory psychological evaluation, lifelong, ongoing, they’re going to find out that oh, gee, so many people are actually terrorists and didn’t know it. That’s how it’s going to be portrayed on the media. They’ll probably have a new social work department to rehabilitate you into right-think from wrong-think and all of this kind of stuff. That’s the kind of world we’re going through right now while the media is giving us utter trivia. Utter tripe and trivia and they’ve even resurrected O.J. Simpson again just to keep us preoccupied with the rubbishy trivia. They’re also going on about this guy Obama or whatever his name is that’s going to run for the democrats, went on about him being related to Cheney. Well, who cares? Eighth cousin removed apparently, but why not keep it all in the family? They always did.”

[Alan Watt, October 2007]

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