How a globalist fascist system at the top will be running the whole kit-and-caboodle

“That’s what Alvin Toffler’s book The Third Wave is all about, the coming together of the two systems. If you want to read Gorbachev’s speech to the politburo, look up the Toronto Sun. Go back in its records and check Eric Margolis’ write up on Gorbachev’s last speech to them because he says to them ‘you’ll hear that communism is dead. Don’t believe it. We’re simply moving into the next phase.’

What does he mean by that? Go back in the writings of Lenin. Lenin said the dictatorship will last about 70 years and then we shall merge into the West. The system that will come out of it will be not quite capitalist and quite socialist. What he’s talking about is this new — it’s actually global socialism, a globalist fascist system at the top running the whole kit-and-caboodle. That’s what it’s all about and they have written about it, the big players wrote about it. They just haven’t taught it in school. They’ve kept us all in the dark. They’ve taught everyone to be nice little social citizens, have a group-think, talk about what’s on television and just play ourselves forever and purr like cats that have been fed and well stroked. That’s how we’ve been trained.

This is what Aldous Huxley talked about, the methods into the Brave New World with his book that came out after it, which was ‘Brave New World Revisited’. He was quite confident that through a scientific means and scientific education all of their plans could be brought about, they could literally scientifically train billions of people across the planet not to notice the direction in which they were going. We could be trained to believe that everything that happens scientifically and where science would take us was all quite natural, by simply putting it out in front of us. Putting it into movies to make it exciting and we’d all go along with it and unfortunately, so far it’s worked.

He also talked about the ultimate destruction of the last vestige of the family unit, especially between male and female. Now you have new redefined families of all kinds. They’ve been very successful with that too. Men really have been neutered and they’re not men anymore. They sit and adopt the image that’s given to them by television and pushed by the culture at the top. They pretend they just love sports and think about nothing else, swig beer and keep their mouths shut, because, after all, all the comedies say that they’re dumb stupid creatures that are kept around as pets by the women who actually stay with them. That’s what they’ve adopted. They’ve adopted a role projected by the media and the entertainment business and unfortunately, the marriage system is almost kaput. You destroy the family unit. You then separate the child from the family and as Lord Bertrand Russell said that we always believed we’ve have to eventually take away the children all together at birth from their mothers and never allow them to know who their parents were, in order to recondition them into a brand new system. But by using experimental schools, he said, we found that through scientific indoctrination at kindergarten the parental influence won’t work on the child. It will just bounce off the child. The scientific indoctrination will be stronger. Well, lo and behold, that’s happened too. A couple of years ago when there was a strike of daycare workers in Ontario, maybe other parts of Canada, the women were in the streets with plaquards demanding that big brother, you know the big daddy there, the government, takes care of this for them. So here you have them demanding the very thing that the elitists wanted a long time ago. The mothers are demanding that the state take care of their children for them to get all this going because they had to get to work.

When they split up the family unit, it was not because they liked women. They don’t like women at all. It was to double the tax base, for one, and to destroy the family unit, number two, and so there was no one at home to have parental influence over the child. They might give them ‘contaminated ideas,’ and that’s the terms they use at the top. Contamination of ideas must not be passed on, meaning old fashioned values. For those who’ve grown up watching all of this, it’s been quite the study. Quite the study to understand it, to read about it and watch it being introduced so slickly that those who are targeted won’t know they’re targeted. They just go along with it thinking that government is so wonderful and cares about them. They believe all these pithy little speeches that are made and they soak it up and now they demand the state takes care of their children for them. Whose child is it anyway? they say.”

[Alan Watt, on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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