In this speech, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel taps on a very important note which is creating division between churches and people and how churches today go on a self-entitlement trip as if they hold the truth, and they claim that if one is not part of their churches, then one is lost. However, the truth is Christ. Christ has nothing to do with Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Pentecostal and so forth because Jesus Christ did not come with any name. Unfortunately, many churches [and praying communities] have become sects and cults even though they claim that on the surface they are all the same. Well, they are not. They become sects because they differ on minute points of details. And hence, I reiterate, that instead of wearing labels, we need to drop all labels and work hard to renew ourselves in spirit, in Christ.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel: “And look at the Christians. They say ‘We worship the true divine God as Christians. And all other nations they worship their own false gods. But the Christians of today are re-crucifying God once again because they are again being stubborn about the way they believe in Jesus Christ. Stubborn. Each one claims they hold the truth. Each one claims that their way is the right way to Christ. Unless you are of this faction, you can’t make it. Unless you belong to the Catholic church, you will not make it to Jesus Christ. Unless you belong to the Eastern Orthodoxy, or the Oriental..

Let just all of you pack yourself up and get a life.

Jesus Christ is neither Catholic, nor Orthodox. Don’t ever put any name on Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is one thing: GOD REVEALED IN THE FLESH. Period. Period. You need to know this truth. You need to come to this truth. You need to draw from this truth. Catholicism doesn’t get you to heaven. It is Christ. Orthodoxy doesn’t get you to heaven. It is Christ. Orthodoxy, Catholicism – they need to learn on how to draw from this truth. The church does not hold the truth. The truth is Christ, the head of the church. The church is the body. Don’t ever be the head. You cannot be the head. You can only learn from the head. You can only draw from the source of that head and live by what the head is telling you. But you don’t hold the truth. The truth is Christ.”

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