Everybody acts as if the immune system does not exist. So, let us all give a shout out to our immune systems! We still believe in you.

Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer can’t live in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment: ‘Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic.’ And yet, they sell you their ‘cure’ which is toxic and poisonous, like chemotherapy.

Just as loans make us wealthy, so do medications keep us healthy….

We are constantly exposed to the doctrines of materialism, consumerism, celebrity worship, and plain stupidity because the system wants you to be simple to manipulate. The so-called elites turned parasites want us to be mentally weak and to think that humans are inherently bad, foolish, and hopeless, or that our purpose in life is to serve them and their greedy system for a comparatively worthless existence. However, this is untrue. We are not here to fit into this diseased culture; rather, we are strong creatures. Our goal is to establish a fresh one.

A diseased body can only be revitalised by proper nourishment. Pharmacological intervention is not feasible. Our body’s cells are built from the things we eat, drink, and think about. Not a single cell in our body is produced using a medication.

Why would you continue to trust the authorities and the pharmaceutical industries with your children’s routine vaccination schedule if you are questioning COVID-19 vaccines?

Everything that doctors learned in medical school was from textbooks which are sponsored by the Big Drug Companies. Do you get it?

FDA does not stand for Food and Drug Administration, but for Federal Deception Administration. If you have the money, they will give you the stamp of approval. The same applies for the CDC, and if you understand that it stands for Center for Disease Creation, then it will start making sense to you.

“The bottom line is this: the world has been run by satan-worshipping pedovores that built a farm with us as the livestock because they managed to hide 97% of our abilities in our DNA. They put us in a lower dimension, fed off our fear (that they generated) fed off the blood and flesh of our children and a bunch of us volunteered to come here to be part of the move to get rid of them and move us back to 5D. Any questions?” (Mark Attwood – @MarkAttwood on X)

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