Barrie Tower on the health hazards of 5G and Wi-Fi: pregnant women and mass immigration

“Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable because the womb is of course mostly fluid and microwaves are attracted and stay in and rearrange the chemical structures of the fluid in many ways. There is a 20-fold higher concentration of damage within the womb.A pediatrician with a neurologist, a medical neurologist, went into a school. I don’t know the size of the school but he found 31 children with physical damage and neurological damage related to the transmitter.

The World Health Organization published a paper that showed that a level of microwave radiation for a pregnant woman, can reach 47.7% as a miscarriage, stillbirth, or genetically damaged child rates. 47.7%. A paper published a few years ago, just a couple of years ago, by the European Academy for Environmental Medicine, who are an incredibly talented bunch of doctors and clever people – they looked at their own research and came up with 48% for school children, and I have taught pregnant school children, and I’ve worked with pregnant teachers for school children. You can add a risk factor of between 10 and 20% more. I don’t know exactly and I don’t know anybody who does due to the increased electrical conductivity in their bodies, the absence of a full working immune system, which isn’t really up and running until they are 18 or so, the absence of the hardness of the bones and the easiness of the microwaves to penetrate the bones which are not really fully developed till they are around 27, the last being the clavicle. And of course in the bones you have the bone marrow which helps with the immune system so children are particularly vulnerable between 40% and 60%.

When I’m talking to governments or royalty or people like that, abroad, the one question I say to them is if you do nothing, [and a lot of them are; this isn’t all bad news. 58% of the world are doing a lot. We’re not but 58% of the world are and my aim is to get us doing something] just look at the, let’s take an average of 50%, the mathematics is relatively simply, it’s like a decay curve, a nuclear decay curve, in one generation of exposed children, let’s say 20 years, a half of your newborns are going to have some sort of defect if they are alive. Another 20 years we are down to a quarter, another 20 years you are down to an eighth. So, in 60 years, I say to them, and this isn’t my work. This is the work of proper, real professionals doing this job. In 60 years, only one in eight of your children can be born or expected to be born healthy. How are you going to run your infrastructure? How are you going to run your health service? Who is going to pay for it? Where are the taxes coming from? Who’s going to man the factories? Where are they coming from?

The only answer to this is mass immigration. That is the only answer. If you wish to survive as a country.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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