“If I walked into anybody’s score with any of those and said, Hey, you play with this for a day, I would be jailed, certified, sectioned, and jailed, and yet we’ve got children with these on the laps. I think somebody worked out for thirteen hours over a school lifetime or something.

But the good news: the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has been a very, very tightly guarded body secretive. You can’t join them. You have to be invited to join them. They don’t answer to anybody. They are not elected. And they have been a very, very close community, but just Saturday—they are based in Germany—on Saturday we have a defector. And with 5G coming, he is not prepared to do what they are doing or be a member of their gang anymore. And this arrived from Germany on Saturday for me, and he has said, and he has gone public, that there are now two large, well-executed, and solid studies that point in the same direction: cancer from exposure to all of these technologies. The data in the large study, which found a clear correlation between exposure to mobile radiation and cancer rates, shows even greater cancer risks than revealed in the first reports. Therefore, World Health Organization hazard class 1 instead of today’s class 2, which is the one I’ve just read. It is an airtightly argued conclusion which supports an overwhelming amount of research. He is asking the world to upgrade the cancer certification from grade 2, which is mercury and lead, and benzene, up to grade 1. He said the research substantiates that.

I am not alone in running around the world trying to do this. There are a lot of people doing lots of things and we’ll have some good news here. The industry themselves in the year 2000 studied the top 220 research articles and said that what they are putting out, actually does cause cancer. The Council of Europe, 47 countries, 800 million people, saying simple statements: ban wi-fi in school.

Dr. Annie Cisco, twenty-two years World Health Organization cancer department: ‘Mobiles, Cell phones and wi-fi will cause cancer.’ Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, England, have started to remove wi-fi from schools. UNICEF, the big children’s charity who care for children decided to look into this and they did their own study. Nobody interfered. And they came up with their own conclusion. They found there was an 85% risk of brain and heart damage and in fact in Canada I think it is, in the schools they’ve had heart attacks in children from wi-fi and now the classrooms have defibrillators in. 85% brain and heart damage. 36% epilepsy. 11% neurological harm. 82% blood, immune and faetal damage.

Iceland, Cyprus, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA are either removing or starting to remove wi-fi from schools. Finally, on this, just two things. I think this lady, internationally, she is renowned for being particularly clever and I’d like to read what she wrote here. She is a pediatric neurologist – Dr. Mayer Kline and she has said: ‘Pregnant women deserve to know that wireless radiation can have an impact on the developing brain. We’re seeing alarming increases in the number of children diagnosed with neurological disorders over the past decade.”

And finally here, I’ve got an article, which I won’t take out and show it to you. It’s a very large article, published in a science journal and because he was so worried and with no disrespect to some of the people, and I know some of the people here because I know them, are recognized nationally and internationally for their knowledge. With no disrespect to the people here, Professor Yuri Grigoriev, who is chair of the Russian Federation for nuclear and atomic sciences and probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet concerning microwaves and harm, he came over here for one specific purpose. He wanted this article published, which it was, and he gave a lecture and he wanted to warn our governments: ‘Do not put microwaves in scores. Do not put wi-fi in schools. Wi-fi will have severe neurological damage and physical damage to our children.’ He came all the way over here, just to say that, and to warn us. And anyone who wants to see the article, you can come round my house and read it and photograph it.”

You can watch and listen to the lecture here.

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