“Before I start with trees, 5G, and animals, I just want to mention these books. As I say, he is a whistleblower [Captain Jerry G. Flynn]. But this one, the updated one, [Hidden Dangers 5G: How Governments, telecoms, and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation], you can now get off Amazon. So if you ring up Amazon or do whatever you do on a computer, I don’t have one, it will probably be there next day and this one you have to send to Canada for, but I bought this one specifically because there is a chapter here for decision-makers, counsellors. I just want to read this bit here. Everything in here you have the website and everything you need to get it. This is for decision-makers from 2015 and it says:

‘School districts, boards, medical health officers, now know Lloyds of London will not provide liability coverage for injuries directly or indirectly, arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, noise. This applies to wi-fi and all wireless devices in schools.’

I believe, I don’t know if I am correct, but I believe Lloyds ensure other insurance companies, and if I were a decision-maker, one thing I would ask for in writing, because apart from the harm which my brain can’t even contemplate, apart from the harm, if you are taken to court over the death or an injury of a child and you have no insurance cover, and I have had parents and people come to say what do I do about injury and I say, well, there will be insurance, or there will not be insurance, depending on – ask your school people or your council, or whoever for the specific sentence in their policy that says ‘We will cover your child whatever from electromagnetic illness.’ There should be a specific sentence there that says that. If there is not, then I don’t know the law, but if as as a decision-maker you are taken to court, I have spent a whole day in court being cross-examined by an incredibly ambitious tenacious barrister and I was defending a girl who did not want to have an unhealthy child and wanted wi-fi taken out of school.

And I thought, after that Andrew Goldsworthy, who works with ESUK as an advisor, he was the medical expert, and I thought I’m glad I was on my side because I can stand my ground and I thought if I were a decision-maker against such a barrister, I would be taken to pieces with the information that is there and I think it is something that decision-makers just need to bear in mind.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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