By 2050, the WHO predicted a historically high number of cancer cases. There may be a 77% increase in cases compared to 2022.

Last year, Pfizer purchased Seagen company for $229 per Seagen share in cash, for a total enterprise value of approximately $43 billion, in order to treat “turbo cancer,” having wagered that the disease would spread rapidly across the globe. In this way, Pfizer has enhanced its position as a leading company in oncology. A reminder that Pfizer will rake in billions on a new cardiovascular drug treating ‘sudden’ spike in heart problems around the world.

This is an obvious illustration of how arsonists can turn into firefighters.

Then we had the World Economic Forum 2024 affiliated session in cancer (IAEA: and

If we have to keep on being smart, then we must stay resolutely questioning and skeptical of everything. Did anybody question the recent highlights that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer? Shouldn’t the timing raise eyebrows? Would you be surprised if he has to take an anti-cancer experimental jab and amaze the world with his swift recovery?

Or is this another way to have King Charles III out of the way and replaced by another puppet or the Anti-Christ himself? We will have to wait and see.

Do you think all this is a pure coincidence?

Isn’t everything going according to plan?

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