Dr. Terry Mortenson on why the theory of evolution is a fraud and a lie (part six)

“Well, what about Neanderthal man? Well, the first Neanderthals were discovered in 1856 in the Neander Valley in Germany. This is the way they were pictured:

They were pretty robust, stooped in the shoulders, ape-like in the head and not wearing very many clothes. Of course, the clothes are not preserved in the fossil records so that’s pure imagination.

But they found more Neanderthal skeletons in different places in Europe, in the middle east, and elsewhere. There are now evolutionists who would say that if you dressed up neanderthal in a coat and tie and a hat and you put him in the Creation Museum, or the Ark Encounter, nobody would take a second look. In fact, 25 years ago, Time magazine had an article ‘The Changing Faces of Neanderthal’ and they showed how Neanderthals have been represented over the years. So here you have 1873 Harper’s Weekly and he needs a haircut but otherwise he could be an American Olympic athlete. But then in 1909 he’s ape-like in the head but human otherwise and naked. In 1953 he’s behaving like some humans but he’s ape-like in the head. Then in 1984 he needs a haircut and a shave and he’s human. Then in 1988 he’s showing that he needs to go to the dentist but he’s human:

But then CNN has him more ape-like in 2006.

He’s got a lot more hair in 2007.

And he’s perfectly human in Science Daily in 2008.

The Neanderthal Museum in Germany for many years had a statue of the 1983 version and a picture of the 1909 version and one evolutionist commenting on this said: ‘From his bestial 19th century persona to just another guy in a suit, Neanderthals have been pigeonholed according to the times.’ But like any good museum, the Neanderthal Museum has updated their exhibits. And this is what they look like in 2010:

Now the guy on the left has been out in the sun a little bit too long. And he does have a pretty big nose. But I’ve been doing scientific observations during this lecture. Now I’ve noticed that some of you have big noses and I’ve been wondering, you know, where you are on the evolutionary tree. Oh, that’s ridiculous! Those are humans! They’re probably people that look like that! Yes, but Neanderthals – now they were primitive. They had primitive stone tools, primitive culture. That proves that they weren’t fully human. No, it doesn’t! When George Washington was President of the United States, living in the presidential palace in Philadelphia with Persian rugs on the floor, fine china, and cutlery, and a toilet in the house, living in the very same country at the very same time when Native American living in tepees, with no Persian rugs on the floor, no fine china and cutlery, and no toilet in the tepee, and they were just as human as George Washington.

And we have people today, that in our western arrogance, we call primitive. People like the Aborigines of Australia. They’re different from us. They have a different lifestyle. But they’re fully human. There are aboriginal children who go to Australian universities and if you dropped me by helicopter into the forest where they live, with just the clothes on my body, even though I have a university degree and a PhD, I’d probably be dead in three days. I’d eat some poisonous plant. I wouldn’t know how to make a spear or a boomerang. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to kill anything.

So, they’re different from us, but they’re fully human.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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