The local media published a series of articles in the last two months related to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the ongoing court case where businessman Yorgen Fenech is being accused of being the mastermind of such a murder.

In its article of 1st February 2024, the Malta Independent reported that “Yorgen Fenech had not featured in the seven initial scenarios postulated by Europol in the early stages of the investigation into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, the court compiling evidence against Fenech has been told.”

This was testified by former Europol expert Marius Van Der Meij before Magistrate Rachel Montebello. At the start of his testimony, Van Der Meij gave the court a sealed envelope containing his 106-page report detailing his investigation of data taken from a hard drive holding relevant data that had been taken from cloud storage, as well as a forensically duplicated copy of Caruana Galizia’s SIM card and cell phone. He claimed to have completed the report at the end of 2017 and turned it in as part of the 2018 acts of the magisterial probe.

He clarified that he had only looked into the English-language emails and tens of thousands of WhatsApp chats that were there. He claimed he had suggested to the investigating magistrate at the time to have a Maltese speaker look at the remaining documents, but he was unsure if this had been done in the end.

The defense lawyer, Dr. Charles Mercieca asked the witness about the scenarios that were initially being considered during the early stages of the investigation. Seven scenarios had been hypothesised, Van Der Meij confirmed, which had identified a number of persons as “possible instigators.”

The defence lawyer suggested that among the scenarios postulated were ones involving politicians, while others considered family members of the victim as potential suspects. The court disallowed the question and ruled that the witness could not be asked about the names of other people who had been suspected of involvement in the murder.

The magistrate did, however, permit a question about whether the defendant, Fenech, had featured in those scenarios. “Is Mr. Fenech mentioned in this list? Yes or no?” asked the lawyer. “No,” came back the reply.

A number of high-ranking officials, including those in the police force, are beginning to perspire uncontrollably before justice is done.

The truth will always catch those who commit the crime.

I repeat and I stand by what I wrote in another past blog of last year. From day one, I did not believe that Yorgen Fenech was the mastermind and involved in this murder. It does not take an ounce of intelligence to understand that Yorgen Fenech is not the mastermind in Daphne’s murder, and he is not involved.

What does the anti-Yorgen Fenech cabal have to say? Will the mastermind and his cronies please stand up so that they bring an end to this charade and the Maltese nation can be liberated from the tentacles of such a curse?

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