Father Chad Alec Ripperger is an American Catholic priest, theologian, philosopher, and exorcist. “He is well known in traditional Catholic circles, has presented many conferences throughout the United States on theological pastoral subjects, and is the founder of the traditional Catholic Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother (the Doloran Fathers) in the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, United States.”

Here is what Father Ripperger had to say about communism and how it can be compared to how Satan and demons work.

Radio presenter: “We’re going to play two clips back to back from Father Ripperberger. The first is the way communists attack our children, and it’s the same tactic that demons use to attack our children as well.”

Father Ripperger: “One of the things that demons do is that they attack the institution of marriage. We will come back to that later in this series. But for now, the reason that we want to observe that they attack marriage, is in order to harm and damage the children, because they know if they can harm them or damage them, in relationship to the marriage of the parents when they are young, then they will have a greater opportunity to possibly control them in the future. In other words, when people are wounded, or damaged, because that is what a wound is, a wound is a kind of a damage the skin etc, it’s the same thing true in relationship to psychology. Demons know that if you can wound a person when they’re young, their psychological faculties don’t function in a normal way and as a result of that, they are more easily controllable and manipulatable. Sin, trauma, abuse on the side of parents, and others, is the way in which children are formed in the minds of the demon to be susceptible to doing whatever they want them to do. In other words, you just weaken them and then that way, you can just control them. One of the first institutions that the Communists took over in the United States was the educational system. Communists know that you have to go after the children, in order to gain control and the formation of the children and the direction that the children are likely to go politically. I quote: ‘It takes a village, constant government involvement or control over the children, their education etc, is what communists try to do, and want in control. In fact, parents are viewed as bad. You have to get them away from the parents in order to form them.’ This is one of the clearest signs of the Marxist communist thinking. Communists have a long-term plan. They are very patient, just like demons are. They are very patient. They will take their time to build their case. Communists have a long-term plan. And it is necessary in the public order to combat them. That those who have vigilance over the nation, their families, etc, must be willing to have longevity. They must be willing to go the distance. It’s not something you’re just going to clear out and then you’re done. Battling communists, once they’ve gotten in, is a long-term process. In their willingness to maintain vigilance, people have to be willing to maintain a vigilance and to fight for the good of their children, so that the communists don’t end up making their lives miserable.”

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