When Sean Kamati and Mamaclay were eliminated at the semi-finals of X Factor Malta, the media parroted what the Overs’ mentors and X Factor judge Howard Keith Debono wrote in a social media post in which he speculated the reason as to why the only two foreign contestants were eliminated. In his opinion, the outcome “was an obvious case of eliminating two top potential winners because, god forbid, it would be won by a non-Maltese national.” According to Debono, “this is called hypocrisy, and nothing to be proud of but rather ashamed of.”

Arrogantly, he said that “Maltese is not a style; it’s not a talent; it’s a language. And I’m mentioning this as sometimes it ends up being a gimmick or a patriotic card to play for votes or TV air time.”

He also expressed his frustration about posts that highlighted the Maltese patriotic narrative. Dear Maltese nation, don’t you dare be patriotic!

In other words, the Maltese people were called intolerant and racist.

When the talented and humble Richard won after obtaining the most votes from the public, the tables have turned and the tune has changed.

Now the Maltese public is no longer intolerant and a racist but Howard Keith, who also happened to be Richard’s mentor, took it again to social media to express his satisfaction at the win that Richard deserved.

Surely, Howard Keith, as Richard’s mentor, had all the rights to congratulate him on his profile. But what I hate and cannot tolerate is hypocrisy.

The tables have turned. The Maltese public has showed Howard Keith that it clearly knew whom to vote and grasped the X Factor which is about exposing and giving a chance to new talents who, like Richard, come out of nowhere and with their raw and pure talent, make it to the finals and win.

This site takes this opportunity to congratulate Richard, a new born star, together with the other finalists who were also very talented.

This site takes this opportunity to thank Lapes and Nadine, who sang original songs, in our beloved Maltese language. I am sure you will go far if you both work hard on your dreams.

Dear Howard Keith, the Maltese people have showed you that Maltese is not only a style, but it is a talent, it is a language, and it has been not played as a gimmick or a patriotic card to play for votes on TV air time.

The Maltese public has shown Howard Keith Debono what X Factor is about.

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