Here is what an Irish farmer had to say about how farmers are being targeted by the EU and the green policies, which will make them disappear and which will affect the food supply:

“European farmers are frustrated. Green policy is cutting food production worldwide. It’s an absolute disgrace. We’re getting blamed for carbon issues in Ireland. We’re being blamed as the biggest contributor of carbon footprint, 37%. The initial figures for agricultural are only half the carbon cycle. And if you go back to when you went to school, you learn about photosynthesis. You learn that carbon is sequestered on farms. We sequester more than we admit and we’re getting blamed 100%. We’re being forced to cut the cow herd. We’re a derogation community initiative cutting use. We’re being forced to cut dairy production and beef production in Ireland while Dublin Airport is going to get a new license for 42 million passengers instead of 32 million passengers a year. So, they’re allowed to increase their carbon and no other sector of society has been asked to cut production of product. You go to any pharmaceutical company at noon here and Ireland is full of pharmaceutical companies. None of these companies are being asked to cut product production. Nobody except farmers. And we’re actually the ones that are carbon neutral and we’re the ones because we’re the low hanging fruit. We’re the soft touch. But I tell you we’re not a soft touch anymore.”

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