Roberta Metsola goes with the agenda of her employer to tell you that when it comes to illegal immigration, it is fine to break the law!

Here comes ‘our’ European Parliament president, Roberta Metsola, who has condemned the government’s decision to deport Dismark, insisting that laws should be applied humanely!

But a European Parliament employee like Metsola, cannot bite the cash cow that gives it a salary that many of you do not even dream of, does she? What about the poverty rate, which is rising among Europeans, dear Metsola?

Let us remember that this EU employee, whose reason she keeps on getting one award after the next is beyond me—maybe it is because she complies and is a yes-sayer to her employer—took sides in the war between Ukraine and Russia and that between Israel and Palestine. And let us not forget the EU policies against our farmers. But then you understand why she was voted the most influential MEP,

And now she is telling the Maltese nation that she does not give a hoot about the honest Maltese working citizens and is in favour of turning the law into a chewing gum when it comes to illegal immigrants. Shouldn’t you be a guide to the rule of law?

Never once does this EU President act in favour of Malta and the Maltese people.

Dear Metsola, why don’t you step down from your cushy, well-paid job and come to live in Malta all year round—and maybe you can even transfer yourself to some Maltese towns that are being inhumane to the Maltese natives? As a woman like myself, you would realize how much Malta has changed, even for women, and how unsafe it is for them now to walk on some streets.

But Metsola won’t bite the hand that super feeds it, because that hand is all in favour of the satanic, evil agenda of the Kalergi plan, because Communism and its female cronies won’t have it otherwise.

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