The Maltese authorities are using the Maltese language as a trick to manipulate you to accept the Kalergi Plan

The Maltese authorities are up to their usual tricks again.

When they see that the masses are uprising, and that there is a common sentiment among the public about an issue, it starts to give the masses small doses of anaesthesia so that it changes the train of thought and heart of the masses, not for the common good, but to make sure that the agenda succeeds.

We start by having a look at the front photo of the article by TVM News titled “Il-Gvern jipproponi li barranin li jaħdmu Malta jagħmlu kors obbligatorju fil-lingwa u l-kultura Maltija”.

You are shown a nice, peaceful photo of people serving food. Wouldn’t you think that it was an article about culinary cuisine instead? Doesn’t it make you feel that foreigners are here to give you a service for which you should feel privileged and obliged?

Then we get the Malta Independent informing you that a survey commissioned by the Maltese Language Centre has shown that 85% of Maltese agree that foreigners who live in Malta should learn the Maltese language. Is this the way that the government wants to strengthen the Maltese language? Is this the way that the authorities regard integration? Can a survey be done asking the Maltese people how many of them want to continue having Malta overburdened with illegal immigrants, third country nationals, and South Asian ethnic groups? Can a survey be done asking the Maltese people how many of them are happy with the current situation and how many think that all this overburden of illegal immigrants and third country nationals feels like a burden on them?

Here comes Newsbook to report another of those conversations that happen on the RTK program of Andrew Azzopardi, to tell you that the CEO of the Maltese Language Centre, Norma Saliba, said that during the discussions of the National Forum on the Maltese language, it became clear that “there is a great thirst from foreigners to learn Maltese.” Saliba said this during the program Andrew Azzopardi on RTK 103, where the situation of the Maltese language was discussed in the background of the National Forum on the Maltese Language, which took place on Friday, and in which the statistician Dr. Vincent Marmara presented a national survey where several factors were observed, including that 84% of Maltese want those who live in Malta to learn Maltese.#

The presenter, Andrew Azzopardi, noted that this is a strong result when considering the number of foreigners that has increased in the last ten years. Saliba responded by explaining that foreigners also want to learn Maltese because the language helps them integrate into society. There is no room for debating, dear readers. It is all about going with the narrative.

This thought was also reflected by the migrants, who, during the conference, said, ‘Welcome to you? Malta: Experiences of contemporary migration’, they stated that the main key to integration is the Maltese language.

So now the authorities want to shut up your mouth by having all illegal immigrants and the lot learn your language, because now, their way to make you accept their ‘integration’ the way they want to, is by inventing the excuse that the Maltese language is a barrier and by telling you another lie that having foreigners learn Maltese is, in the agenda’s eyes, integration.

The Maltese authorities are using the Maltese language as a trick to manipulate you into accepting the Kalergi Plan and any other plan and agenda attributed to the overburden that, in a few years, our little island is carrying and facing, due to illegal immigration and the influx of other non-European foreigners.

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