How the Maltese media is manipulating you to accept illegal immigration and overburden of south Asian ethnic groups (part one)

The Maltese media is up to its usual tricks again.

When it sees that the masses are uprising, and that there is a common sentiment among the public about an issue, it starts to give the masses small doses of anaesthesia so that it changes the train of thought and heart of the masses, not for the common good, but to make sure that the agenda succeeds.

Here comes Newsbook to make you feel guilty and pitiful, about the fact that Ivorian barber Kusi Dismark was arrested after thirteen years living in Malta because he did not obtain asylum. The media also tells you that Dismark’s story was one of success, integration wise, because he had obtained a work permit, found stable employment, and opened a hair salon in Ħamrun, by the name of Adamfo Pa. This is not a successful integration, dear Newsbook. Was this salon one of those many salons that cater specifically to migrants? Newsbook here fails to ask how come did Dismark acquire a work permit in the first place. Is Newsbook in favour of breaking the law? If this was the case with a Maltese citizen, who, while trying to ends meet, he breaks the law simply to earn a living, would the media, and NGOs like Moviment Graffiti, defended their Maltese brother? Are rNGOs and Moviment Graffiti now in favour of the breaking of the law?

But since for Newsbook and Graffiti, Dismark was paying taxes, then he was not doing any harm. Even the honest Maltese citizens pay taxes and life does not become better for them. Paying taxes is related to income earned and is standard. It has no link with eligibility to be in a country permanently or not. But how come was he able to work, open a shop, pay taxes and NI when he was here illegally? Ask the media, dear readers.

NGOs and Moviment Graffiti only trumpeted the usual pro-migration narrative. Newsbook also told you what the government tells you: that this country is ‘increasingly reliant on migrant workers.’ Lest your CAPPED pension, of which only 2/3 is given to you, 2/3 which is also CAPPED, while you pay for your whole life your N.I., is not given to you. And don’t forget the money that the government gives to these migrants whose children are born here, while you are being told that your nation is in danger of becoming extinct since Malta has a low birth rate. Go figure it out! In fact, Moviment Graffiti highlighted that “the community included children who were born here and who know no other country.” “Malta is their country too,” Graffiti emphasised.

Let me be clear. As a Christian, I wish all humanity love and respect. As a Christian, I want all humanity to live in prosperity. But if this is coming at the expense of an evil agenda, at the expense of the natives of a homeland, and at the expense of what lies ahead for the natives, then accepting illegal immigration is not charity. Any illegal immigrant and South Asian ethnic group member and any other foreigner who is caught breaking the law, should be deported.

And the government should stop the legal import of South Asian ethnic groups, which are piling up in our shops, our hospitals, our elderly homes and various other sectors. The Maltese are being nibbled of their rights, and this is only the start! Wait until you will be asked to live under the one world religion of the new world order.

So let us remind the media, and NGOs like Moviment Graffiti that Malta belongs to the honest Maltese people who love Malta. But maybe they refuse to wake up to the true agenda behind illegal immigration and the legal funnelling of south Asian ethnic groups into Europe, for whatever motive lies behind their actions.

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