Here comes another article by Newsbook, again.

This time it is about a foreign player, Hudson Barbosa, who came to Malta hoping to be given a professional contract by a local football team after he was playing with another team in Bolivia. However, the team that had initially promised him a contract refused to pay medical expenses for his recovery when he was injured. The player claimed that if he doesn’t work, he won’t be able to help his family, which he has been working to raise since an early age. It was this reason that originally pushed him to play football outside his country and leave his family behind. Well, that was his choice, no? And sometimes we take risks, and we must acknowledge that some decisions come with risks too, no? And this can happen to anybody, of any skin colour, no?

Hudson recalled how he suffered an injury during a training session after he had traveled for two hours by bus. What’s the fuss? I know Maltese people who wake up very early to catch the 6 a.m. bus to work. I know others who walk to work so that they cut down on fuel expenses. I know children who wake up super early to catch the school bus. When I was little, my dad was on unemployment benefits for a year, while both my brother and myself were very young, because he suffered an accident at work. My parents ate bread and butter for a whole year to be able to pull through. So, what is the fuss?

Hudson added, “I came to Malta with a job offer, and now I neither sleep nor eat well,” when he had come to Malta with a job offer without knowing anyone. Is this Malta’s fault now? So many Maltese are working hard to get a job offer, but they are not finding any, or they are stuck in a job for years with a low income and a low probability of getting a promotion. The ‘climbing up the social ladder scale’ if you work hard is another lie that we were fed.

Many players worldwide know that they are at risk when they join a football club.

Why isn’t the local football scene investing in locals only and giving all locals with dreams a chance?

Newsbook continues with its manipulative tactics to tell you that Hudson “is terrified of the prospect of returning to his country of Brazil without basic resources such as food.”

Is Newsbook hinting that this is a case of injustice entwined with racism and intolerance, so as to make Malta and the Maltese look in a bad light?

Well, communism not only throws the burden on you, but if you react, it tells you its your fault. Communism not only throws the burden on you, but when you are fed up and strife and division arise, it tells you that you now need to be controlled.

Communism also limits the comments on some articles like the above, because for the communists and communism, there is no room for debate:

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