How the Maltese media is manipulating you to accept illegal immigration and overburden of south Asian ethnic groups (part three)

The media continues to attach you to its drip of manipulative anaesthesia.

Here comes another article by Newsbook again, this time to report that during the demonstration, a migrant said that he and many migrants like him are called “aliens,” even though they have been living in Malta and paying tax for a number of years. A Maltese educator, Isabelle, spoke in front of the crowd that gathered in front of the Parliament and said how it is not fair that there are people living among us who are in limbo and who end up with “their future hanging on a thread.” According to her, she claimed that if the migrants’ permit is not accepted, their lives will change in the blink of an eye, which is a situation that many Maltese are not aware of because they are “privileged.” Dear Maltese people, please take note. It is up to you to draw conclusions.

Rev. Anton D’Amato, spoke to and said how the Church believes that many people “are not feeling welcome in Malta.”. He stressed the importance of treating migrants with the same respect and humanity shown to Maltese citizens because “Malta is home to many more people than those who are citizens.”

Rev. Anton D’Amato, we thank God for being gifted with discernment and critical thinking. Sometimes, judging keeps us from walking down the wrong paths, accepting political, evil, and unhealthy agendas that are destroying our lives. And those illegal immigrants who are criticized by the Maltese people for judging them, please note that even they judge, because it is fundamental to the human experience. All those who protested should not wonder if the Maltese people are judging, but why are they judging. Is it benevolently or malevolently intended? Are the Maltese people judging in a forward-moving effort to distinguish unhealthy from healthy, or are they judging because of an unresolved superiority complex?

Are the Maltese people judging because they have a need to call out the madness of the world, or as a direct reflection of it?

When do those trumpeting this evil agenda understand where the cry of the Maltese people is coming from?

Why is it that people and members of the clergy come together when it comes to defending satanic agendas?

Communism won’t have it otherwise. Communism does not understand the frustration, anxiety, and stress that the Maltese people are facing because of the plot to mix non-Europeans with Europeans, with the aim of wiping out Europeans.

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