“Now, I brought a couple of books along. Not because I get any money if they are sold or anything like that, but along with the whistleblowers of which I am one, I have known for many, many, many, many years a captain who is an electronics warfare specialist. He worked with the Canadian military government and CIA and he published a book and in this book and I can give you the title and he’s updated it – this is the original. He has updated it for 5G, and in it, whereas Snowden, the whistleblower a few years ago put everything on the internet. he has put all of the top-secret papers into a book given the websites where you can download them if you are a decision-maker, and you want proof of something, he includes our government, the International Commission and he’s put them all in a book under different categories, everything to do with cell phones, Wi-fi, 5G, government and all that.

But the reason I want to quote this one is because he has quoted that before this bubble bursts with children and everybody running around with everything stuck to the size of their heads, it is expected and anticipated there will be two billion deaths. Now I questioned that in my own mind and I thought that’s a lot and in my simple Janet and John brain, I couldn’t work what what two billion deaths actually means. But it is if you imagine everybody who died in World War Two, it is twenty-eight times that number, and that’s a lot. But when I started looking into this, I thought well, I remember when I was teaching and I remember the time in the early 80s, when I said to my science class, and I said we have just passed the 100 thousand deaths a year rates in this country for smoking-related deaths.

And then you start looking around the world for smoking. Smoking was linked to—they didn’t know the name then—but they knew that you had left a lung congestion and died with big, black, ugly bits. In 1870, smoking was linked to cancer and death in 1870. In 1939, all of the science was in place to have it stopped. Then the government scientists and industry scientists, who are sometimes one of the same person, step in and they delay things for fifty, sixty years, which is what happened to smoking. Exactly the same with lead in petrol. And there are many other examples.

So, when I looked at this, and I thought well smoking is probably comparable to two billion by now. Lead in petrol certainly will be and I looked around a few figures and a 10-year international study around the world in various countries, had many many thousands of miscarriages, suicides, deaths around transmitters. Lima, near Peru, the country is known as cancer city, where it is unregulated. Just two provinces in India, they have 50,000 brain tumours in children and a hundred thousand plus dead in the provinces attributed to mobile phone masts and so it goes on.

And when you start looking at examples like this in a paper I wrote and anyone could come out to my house and read it, there was a survey done. I’m trying to think probably fifteen years ago of some of the schools in France and Spain, and they found 200 schools with cancer clusters of eight or more different types of cancers attributed to the transmitter in the playground.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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