“Remember that I said that they get their energy through energy balls? And here is a picture of little, cute Pikachou and he’s being energized by an energy ball and now you notice he’s not quite so cute anymore:

And his little Satanic tail is really erect. And now parents, if you’re not up on Pokemon, you need to be and one of the things you can do is go out and buy the official Pokemon Trading Card game players guide and you can get this at any store that sells any of the Pokemon stuff. I mean anything. You can get it like at ‘Toys R Us’ or any of those places that sell any of the Pokemon and it says on the back of this ‘Catch them all, then build an unbeatable tournament deck.’ And one of the things you can do is look through here because it shows every Pokemon in existence.

And it tells you what their powers are and it tells you how they get weak and it tells you how they energize and what you need to energize them. But something very unusual is also in this book and that is that they actually show the energy balls and that that is used to make these monsters bigger and better. I want you to see them. I hope you can see them from where I am:

I’m going to hold it out here so hopefully you can see it. Look at the yellow. What do you see?

Lightning. Bolt. Look here – the All Seeing Eye. Anybody see that? [pointing at the purple picture underneath the yellow one.] Up here is the clinch fist [pointing at the picture near the yellow one], symbol for rebellion, anarchy. Right down here [pointing at the picture near the purple one] is a powerful witchcraft symbol where my finger is. Powerful witchcraft symbol and it’s the symbol for fire. Down here [pointing to the one in green] is another powerful witchcraft symbol – actually, a New Age symbol, they call a New Age symbol for earth, which is a green relief. And down at the bottom here, this blue ball down in here, is the symbol for energy, of water. And water transforms into wind.

Earth, wind and fire, the three basic elements of all witchcraft. And I’m going to ask you parents, grandparents, concerned aunts and uncles, friends: ‘Do you think they put that in there by coincidence? Do you think they just built this game, put these on there, and said hey, let’s just put those symbols on there, they look cool. Kids won’t know what they are but they’ll like them because they look cool. Or did they put them on there because they know what the meaning of each one of those symbols is and they want to desensitize our children to seeing those symbols so much, that when they see them in other things, hey, no big deal.

There is a devised plan going on for the battle of our children’s minds. There’s a war going on right now for the children because Satan wants them really bad. Who better to serve the antichrist than the youth? And the whole object is to catch them while they’re young.

Remember the Pokemon motto? Got to catch them all? Who do you think feels that way? It’s the enemy. Got to catch them all. Got to get them while they’re young. Got to induct satanic doctrine. Got to put these symbols in their spirits. Got to put these monsters in their heads. Got to mess up their dreams. Got to mess up their reality. Got to break up the family. Have you ever tried talking to a child when he’s into this game? It’s impossible. They spend more time on this Pokemon. And you know what? It’s amazing that your child can tell you every Pokemon in existence, even tell you where they get their power, what they do and how they do it, but they can’t tell you what you told them five minutes ago! They also probably can’t tell you what they have learned at school on that day! And even worse than that, they can’t quote the Scripture! There’s something wrong!

And I’m talking to the men right now because you know, we’ve been given an awesome task by God. We have nothing to say about it. Do you know why? God tells us that we’re the priest of our homes. We are the ones who say ‘We are going to follow God. I don’t care what anyone else does. But as for me and my family we are going to serve the Lord.’ We are the one who are supposed to say ‘This stuff is going to be allowed and this stuff is out.’ And ladies, women of God, you’ve got an awesome task ahead too because the word of God says that you’re to raise your children in the ways of the Lord. Not in the ways of these Pokemon. Not in the ways of witchcraft or Satan worship but in the ways of the Lord. Are we doing that? Or are we subtly giving in?”

The lecture can be watched here.

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