and its bigilla, sensational journalism is now parroting the agenda that the XL bully breeds are dangerous. This means that agrees with the law passed by the British Government by which XL bully dogs were banned in the United Kingdom. reported that an eight-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was attacked by an XL bully dog in a common area of an apartment block. But there isn’t any more information. Where did this happen? When? How? Is this the way you report while trying to tarnish the XL bully breeds?

And it then ends the argument with the question: ‘Do you think we should implement the same law in our country?’, isn’t it better to ask why isn’t the local government doing anything to protect the welfare of animals, especially at this period in history where Malta is witnessing a huge increase in abandonment and neglect of pets? This mirrors the emotional regression of the whole nation when it comes to taking care of sentient beings!

Why doesn’t investigate to see what did the boy do to cause a reaction in a dog? Why doesn’t investigate to see how was this dog raised, which again, points at irresponsible humans, instead of dogs? Why isn’t the deed blamed, instead of the breed? Why aren’t the owners blamed, instead of the dog?

And the irony is, that if a dog attacks a human, the dog is euthanized. If a human attacks or kills another human, he is out on bail.

In the seventies they blamed the Dobermans. In the eighties, they blamed German Shepherds. In the nineties they blamed Rottweilers. In the 2000s they blamed the pit bulls. Now they blame the XL bullies.

When will they blame humans?

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