Newsbook ‘forgets’ to specify in its headlines that illegal immigrants are attacking locals

“A heated argument escalated into a physical altercation involving several individuals in Ħamrun on Tuesday afternoon.” This saw the intervention of police officers, which resulted in injuries to both civilians and law enforcement personnel.

In this melee, a police officer was injured.

The five individuals involved in the heated argument are of Syrian nationality.

“Despite efforts by bystanders to intervene and de-escalate the situation, the confrontation persisted, leading to further chaos near the Ħamrun police station. The ongoing altercation, which spilled onto the main road, caused traffic congestion as vehicles became entangled in the commotion.”

Fast forward to a recent article related to the above incident, and Newsbook now reports that there were two officials who were injured and that one official was bitten. Once again, Newsbook failed to highlight in its headline that the attackers were foreign.

Yesterday, this site published an article entitled “New York City is experiencing an increase in illegal immigrants attacking locals.”

The same is clearly happening in Malta. And yet, they are not being deported.

But Newsbook failed to highlight this in its headline. Politicians fail to show you how their modus operandi is affecting the country. Instead, they tell you that this is all for your benefit and for the economy.

The media and politicians these days don’t apologize for doing wrong. Rather, they blame us for how we react, and they label you as racist and intolerant. Politicians should see that we live in a safe country that is no longer safe, especially for us women. But they will tell you to understand or else go to the desert, because this time it is not for your safety but for your economy.

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