New York City is experiencing an increase in illegal immigrants attacking locals

Over the weekend, a group of asylum seekers attacked two NYPD officers in Times Square. The asylum seekers were freed from jail and released without bail while awaiting trial.

A surveillance video provided by the NYPD showed the front of a migrant shelter in Manhattan and a group of migrants brawling with the police. The migrants kicked officers on a sidewalk. The police arrested seven people in connection with the attack.

Police said officers were trying to disperse a disorderly crowd when the two officers were assaulted. A second clip then showed “officers apparently trying to take someone into custody when police say the officers were attacked by a group of men.”

Although nobody was seriously hurt, this incident prompted waves of public outrage, with some being angry at the court system. It has also touched off a political furor and “renewed debate over a long-standing New York City policy that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities.”

While this does not mean that all asylum seekers are criminals, we must admit that this is what happens when ‘multicultural enrichment’ is imposed on a nation. This is the way they want to bring more chaos, exhausting everyone.

What do all those who support this imposed multicultural enrichment, both locally and abroad, have to say about having asylum seekers attack their own people?

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