Thousands protest against mass immigration in Dublin

A protest organised by a loose coalition of political parties and factions against the ongoing wave of mass immigration was held in Dublin.

The protest, in which there were over ten thousand people, was addressed by political activist and European election candidate Malachy Steenson, who shot to national prominence after helping kickstart the campaign on migration in November 2022.

“Chants of ‘Sinn Féin are traitors’—a reference to the country’s primary left-wing opposition party—were heard as Steenson declared the crowd was ‘on the right side of history’ concerning the Republic’s current immigration woes.”

“Speaking to The European Conservative, Steenson said that Monday’s protest highlighted the arrival of a new “grassroots nationalist movement.” He added that, although the government had recently given token concessions to the protesters, ‘the Irish people will not be conned again by those who give allegiance to the EU before their own Nation.'”

Well done to the Irish people who are fighting the Kalergi agenda that is being brought about by their corrupt politicians.

What a strange, unique century, and what strange times these are to have to protest to protect your own country by carrying your country’s flag. Ireland belongs to the Irish.

In the same way, our little island belongs to us, the Maltese people. When will the Maltese people rise to protect their own country?

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