Those who do not support and do not encourage the LGBQT agenda and lifestyle are confronted by those who attack them with the argument that “God is love” and “Christ loved everyone.”. Here is what Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel had to say about this:

“Some, who call themselves Christians, they started already coming out in the open and saying, ‘You know what? The Lord is love, and we need to love everyone. We need to accept everyone and every colour, including the rainbow.’ You belong to Satan. You’re not a Christian. This is not the Holy Bible. You’re a liar. This is not the true Christ. This is the false Christ which you have made because you chased the world. You went after Satan, not after the true Messiah. Look at the West. So many fake churches. So many fake leaders, calling themselves Christians, teaching absolute poison. Jesus Christ is God. He is not Catholic. He is not Orthodox. He is definitely not Protestant. He is God revealed in the flesh. Wake up, Church! You need to come back to the truth. Stop talking out of your empty heads! Let God speak through you. Let God reveal to you the truth, for He is the Truth to you and the whole world. Let Him speak. All you need to do is bow your head before Him. Enough of you. Say, ‘Lord, it is all about you. Nothing about me. Climate change – Satan. AI: Satan. Apple, iPad, iPhone—Satan.”

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