In another article, Newsbook reported that a man was caught by security cameras kicking the mirror of a car that was parked in Msida last Saturday night, with the consequence that he broke it. The man, who was accompanied by another man, appeared drunk and with a glass in his hand. Both of them can be heard laughing after he committed this vandal act. How low and despicable! Do such people have a heart beating in their chest? Do they have a moral compass?

Newsbook specifies that it was informed that this was not the only case of damage done to cars in the area of Rue D’Argens and its surroundings, with owners of other vehicles also reporting that they found their cars broken. Gzira and Imsida are the few among other beautiful towns in Malta that have been turned from tourist attractions to slums. But the politicians do it for your economy.

Newsbook adds that the man appears to be a foreigner. But wasn’t there footage in their article? Why didn’t it investigate what nationality he was? Why wasn’t this specified in its headline?

The media cannot go against the agenda.

The media and politicians these days don’t apologize for doing wrong. Rather, they blame us for how we react, and they label you as racist and intolerant. Politicians should see that we live in a safe country that is no longer safe, especially for us women. But they will tell you to understand or else go to the desert, because this time it is not for your safety but for your economy.

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