A short essay from a National Security Perspective on the threats posed by international financial institution (part 7)

A Strategic Vision for Europe

The re-nationalisation of our continental economy and our unwavering support for local businesses is not a mere economic policy choice but a grand strategic vision for the continent to reclaim its autonomy and liberate its people, while ensuring a sustainable future for our future generation to thrive on and build further on. This will liberate both our governments and our people from interest slavery, relying on the mercy of the IFIs (if they have any form of human morality). It will be a call to change the grand strategy from Europe’s core and shift its economic priorities elsewhere to serve our people and our nation instead of appeasing some foreign interest! It will nurture local economies and communities, provide real tangible environmental protection, and truly promote social equity, while rebalancing the global cultural population by worldviews, which will force mankind to access a new era!

The economic grand strategy requires a coordinated continental effort and strong European collaboration amongst governments, civil society, and businesses. Trade policies, investment strategies, and regulatory frameworks will have to collapse and be rethought to prioritize the long-term interests, securities, and wellbeing of local economies and our ecosystem.

Europe will lead the world by example, showing the possibilities for economic independence and sustainability are not only possible, but can be realized if the economic model is changed to serve who matters most… Our people and our fatherland! 


We can conclude that the interdisciplinary work of Bolton and National Security has highlighted the real path for a more equitable, sustainable economic system. With this adaptation of our economy and support for our local businesses, Europe will be in a position to efficiently and effectively counter the detrimental impacts of IFIs, reclaim its independence from foreign actors, reclaim its economic sovereignty, liberate its people, and forge a future that prioritise our people and our nation/ Continent. An Economic Landscape that values our resilience, fairness, and sustainability over the enslavement pursuit for profits.

Of course, there’s more to the justification of the re-nationalisation of our Economy than just the perspective from National Security standpoint, however, more about that in later papers.   Europe is in a direr 2 path crossroads. One that will officially enslave our people and sign off our nations and continent to the IFI Tyrants and embrace this path. Whatever path Europe chooses will shape the continent, our nations, and our European worldview for generations to come, offering a beacon of hope for a world grappling with threats from globalisation and financialization.”

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