“The Schiff family shared a residency in Frankfort, forever binding the two families. The Schiffs became Rothschild agents, and like most agents of the Rothschilds, they eventually became very rich and powerful. The most prominent of the Schiffs was Jacob Henry Schiff. Jacob was born in Frankfort in 1847, and was sent by the Rothschild/Schiff network to America to make his fortune (much like the Astors sent John Jacob Astor). Jacob Schiff arrived in New York in 1865. Ten years later, he became the partner of the Illuminati from Kuhn, Loeb & Company. Ten years after that, he became its president, directing Rothschild and Illuminati affairs from this seat of authority.

Jacob Schiff was also on the board of directors of Central Trust Company, Western Union, and Wells Fargo Company. Like most elites, he gave vast amounts of money to charity. Philanthropy pays off in a big way to the ruling class.”

[The Schiff family will be tackled at greater length in another piece.]

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