The other side of British royalty – What should the masses be reminded of when it comes to King Charles III? – (1)

We have read and observed how something is really weird with the British royal family. Should we know more, or be reminded of more, especially about the eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III?

You can be sure that the Crown’s rule will still have an impact on you even if you are not under its shadow. Should King Charles III be able to influence international policy? Is he even deserving of respect?

Most of the information published in this short series can be easily found as it is public but the masses would rather live in their comfortable little bubbles where fairy tales exist.

King Charles III is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip who was born on 14th November, 1948 and then came his siblings. It’s interesting to note that this entire family is descended from the notorious Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler, who was known for pinning the heads of his enemies with wooden spikes. In reality, his name was Vlad Dracul, and Bram Stoker took inspiration from this character for his Dracula. He was a well-known playboy in his early years who had numerous girlfriends. In 1981, he wed Lady Diana Spencer, and the two of them had two sons, William and Harry, who are second and sixth in line for the throne, respectively. For decades, the subject of their paternity has been the subject of conjecture on tabloid front pages. Charles disclosed in the 1994 biography “Prince of Wales,” which he personally approved, that he was forced to wed Diana and never truly loved her. This biography states that he started seeing Camilla Parker Bowles in the middle of the 1980s. The now-Queen Consort Camilla had been wed to a highly regarded British army officer named Andrew Parker Bowles. She had two children with him and had been married to him since 1973. Diana and Charles announced their separation in 1992 and divorce in 1996, but Camilla and her husband didn’t get divorced until 1995.

This means, of course, that both Charles and Camilla cheated on their spouses.

Princess Diana died in an automobile accident one year after they got divorced. A recent documentary series on the late princess disclosed that, during meetings with her attorney in 1995, Princess Diana informed him that credible sources had reported that she could be the victim of a staged car accident. Diana also stated, per the legal advisors’ notes, that she would [quote] ‘either end up dead or be seriously injured.’ In addition to what she told her advisor, Princess Diana wrote a letter to her former butler Paul Burrell ten months prior to her tragic car accident in Paris expressing her belief that Prince Charles was arranging a collision that would cause her to suffer severe brain damage.

Charles would be able to wed Camilla thanks to this turn of events. The note was not revealed by her butler until 2003, when he included it in his book “A Royal Duty,” stating that Diana had given it to him as a kind of insurance policy.

The question remains: was Princess Diana killed or was it just an accident? If she was killed, what was the reason? Was she killed by the British Royal Family?

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