“Autism at one time used to be recognizable from pretty well birth, when the child didn’t go through all the major milestones all the way up to saying ‘dada’ and ‘mama.’ Now they’re normal, until about the age of two. When they get the inoculations they have a tremendous fever, which every doctor is taught is normal and he tells the mother so.  Then, after that, the child regresses and no longer says dada and mama and the problems are there. Now it’s accepted as being normal, but the graphs show they’re in parallel with the amount of inoculations given within the same areas or states in the U.S. or counties in Canada or England. Well known in the higher medical authorities what they’re doing. The general practitioners have a hard time dealing with it, but they themselves eventually do know; because you can’t help but thinking and seeing the results. They know what’s happening there.

We’re under attack. An attack planned by a dominant minority, which Aldous Huxley, a member of this group actually belonged to, and he spoke on their behalf too. He said the same thing. ‘There’s no problem with basically giving the people a false sense of reality. A make believe world. What’s wrong with that?‘ He said, ‘most of them are unhappy anyway‘ and he knew that because the system they have given us of money and taxation and all the burdens that go with it, the hurry and the scurry. He knew that most people really are not really happy.  They knew at the top, too, that no matter how many goodies they give us to buy, all these little rewards that we’re taught to give to ourselves at the end of the month to make it all worthwhile, they knew that eventually that it wouldn’t be enough and they’d have to do something more with the people to make them manageable. That’s what they came up with ways of lobotomizing, chemically, the general public; and they believe they’re doing the right thing, according to themselves. They call it ‘The Noble Lie‘. You must lie to the little people because ‘the little people are too dumb and stupid to understand, poor dears’ and that’s how they justify it.

World peace to this elite means ‘the absence of all opposition.’ The absence of all opposition means the absence of all people or any people with critical thinking abilities left. That’s what it’s all about; and hence, they’ll put their faith in science. Through science they will conquer; and they’re on the rush of genetic engineering. They’re way beyond what the public are told. They have been all along. You’ll find that mathematicians like Rutherford, one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived, was employed working on genetic research back in the 1920s, long before they could actually (supposedly) see the genes and deal with them. You won’t need a mathematician if you couldn’t see the actual genes. You wouldn’t need them. They’d have no purpose; so, they were into this a long time ago. They can now create complete human being from scratch, designer-made humans, and the only problem they have now to bring all the old world down — as I say, the symbol of the Twin Towers, the Jachin and Boaz. It kicks off this New American Century for the 21st century.

The 21st century was always very important to them. Arthur C. Clarke, a very high Freemason, wrote “2001” and “2010“, who created novels with a lot of truth in them; and this guy, remember, was a Nobel Prize winner. He was no dummy. He talked about this agenda, which would be kicked off in 2001 with a great discovery, a new change that would come all over the world.

Hi folks. Alan Watt here again filling in for Michael Herzog.  I’m going through some of the deeper meanings behind what’s happening today, meanings which are kept from the public. The public are given panic, hype, fear and terror because it’s worked in all ages and in all times past. You have the ancient Caesar’s and Nero’s of Rome, who used the same tactic where they’d get a group real or imaginary, claim they’re being attacked from within and they lived amongst you, and then the whole population was put under marshal law. There’s nothing new in this technique. It was also used after and during the French Revolution, the Reign of Terror, and the Soviets also used it.  Once the Soviets had basically completed their border and didn’t expand outwards anymore, they had to find an enemy within. When you have a totalitarian government you must find an enemy anywhere and everywhere, and so they find the enemy within.

When you look at the coordination of the anti-terrorist bills that went into effect in every nation pretty well in the world, at the same time after 9/11, that should surely tell you that no countries involved were actually independent. They had all these agreements made long before it happened. They all basically pushed the same anti-terrorist bills through at the same time.”


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