“Now, the New Age Spirituality, which is coming too, it’s here, just now. It’s coming. It’s civilized, by emphasis, in the United States. This happens to be called the Georgia Guidestones*. It’s in Elberton, Georgia.

Take a trip. It’s there. We have a new Ten Commandments today. The first commandment on these Guidestones of the age of reason is ‘Maintain the population under 500 million’.

Now, that’s a vote for depopulation if I’ve ever heard one just if you’d like to travel, there, this is a map. It’s northeast of Atlanta, about an hour drive – Elberton Georgia.

  • Please note that the Georgia Guidestones were damaged by an explosion in July of 2022 much later than this speech and then, coincidentally, all the monument was demolished for safety reasons.

Now the New Age has been with us for a long, long time. It is not something new. Where does the New Age come from? It comes from Freemasonry. The New Age is a magazine.

The magazine has been published by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for many years until Paul Fisher came out with his book ‘Behind the Lodge Door- Church, State and Freemasonry in America’ with over 1000 references from this journal. And they changed the name from ‘The New Age’ to something else. So, the New Age is Masonic. The all-seeing eye is Masonic symbolism. It’s on the back of the American dollar bill. It’s an occultic symbol, and it goes back to the days of ancient Egypt.

Even in the eagle of E pluribus Unum, occultic 13: 13 leaves in the olive branches; its 13 bars and strikes in the shield; 13 arrows; 13 letters in each floor of the symbol and on and on and on.

The lecture can be watched here.

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