The Department of Justice discloses that it is currently looking into military officers and politicians who may have paid for sex through a network of upscale brothels.

It is with great pleasure to read the news that the Department of Justice has disclosed that it is currently looking into military officers and politicians who may have paid for sex through a network of upscale brothels. May we get more news about investigations of the Elite paedophile ring. May the Truth reigns so that justice reigns.

This news was on various international media portals like the New York Post, the Hill, and CNN. This site will publish that of CNBC:

A network of “sophisticated” high-end brothels in greater Boston and eastern Virginia provided sex for pay to “elected officials, high tech and pharmaceutical executives, doctors, military officers, government contractors that possess security clearances, professors,” and others, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

“Pick a profession, they are probably represented in this case,” said acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy at a press conference announcing the arrests of three people in connection with operating the pricey sex shops.

Levy’s office said that the brothels required “interested sex buyers” to provide employer information and references before booking sessions with prostitutes.

The brothels charged customers about $350 to “upwards of $600 per hour depending on the services and were paid in cash,” according to Levy’s office.

The appointments with sex workers allegedly took place in “high-end apartment complexes” where the rent was as much as $5,600, authorities said.

Two websites used to advertise services by prostitutes who worked at the brothels include nude photos of women as well as their physical dimensions.

“Here to serve our wonderful Boston friends,” one of the websites said, according to an image viewed by CNBC.

“Each website allegedly described a verification process that interested sex buyers undertook to be eligible for appointment bookings — including requiring clients complete a form providing their full names, email address, phone number, employer and reference if they had one,” the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

At least five apartments rented by one of the defendants, California resident James Lee, were used as brothels.

In addition to James Lee, arrested in the case were two Massachusetts residents, Han “Hana” Lee, 41, and 30-year-old Junmyung Lee.

Each defendant was charged with conspiracy to coerce and entice to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity. The charge carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison.

“It is alleged that the defendants collectively established the infrastructure for brothels in multiple states which they used to persuade, induce and entice women – primarily Asian women – to travel to Massachusetts and Virginia to engage in prostitution,” the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

The brothels, which began operating around July 2020, were located in Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts, as well as in Fairfax and Tysons, Virginia.

The Virginia locations are close to Washington, D.C., in an area that is rife with government contractors, many of whom have government security clearances.

The Boston area is home to many pharmaceutical and tech firms, top financial services and law firms, and leading American universities.

In addition to politicians and military brass, business executives and government contractors, customers included “lawyers, scientists and accountants.”

“The investigation into the involvement of sex buyers is active and ongoing,” the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

It is time for all this cud to be completely digested by the cattle.

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