“But let’s go to this real problem and hear insiders now. Folks, this is going to probably be a little shocking.

In 1898, Theodore Herzl met Kaiser Wilhelm in Jerusalem. Now if you think that Jerusalem was a good place to go on a holiday in 1898, you don’t know how bad it really was. Jerusalem in fact was a rotten place. There were no roads. Well, the Kaiser didn’t take a tram stream or everyone else did. You went up skinny, little roads. There were no hotels. It was disease ridden. You couldn’t get a decent meal and yet the most powerful leader of Europe came to Israel to put up three churches: one, a very big church – the Church of the Dormition Abbey – the Church of the Dormition.

On November 2g.nd of 1898 in Jerusalem he met the father of Zionism – Theodore Herzl. Why would Herzl make that awful trip to Jerusalem to meet Kaiser Wilhelm? There was only one answer: he wanted a state. That’s the only answer. And if you go on the internet because this has been the most important medium of modern Zionism. Herzl meets the Kaiser of Germany in Jerusalem – try and find it on the internet. It’s been rubbed out and the few sources that I got, said all the same thing. Herzl was rebuffed. Rebuffed from what? What did the Kaiser do to rebuff Herzl? And the answer is he said no, you’re not going to get a state. We are not going to go to war with Turkey and give you a Jewish state because we have made an alliance with Turkey. And they permitted us to put up a church on the highest point in Jerusalem. I have a picture of it – afterwards take a look at the Dormition Abbey and you’ll see that Germany and Turkey form an alliance. And Theodore Herzl changed. Now I’ve read about Herzl. He was not a Sabbatean. Hezl was just a charismatic guy who could gather people around him. He was a good guy.

In 1901, Theodore Herzl met the British Zionists who wanted Britain not Germany to get the Jewish state and Theodore Herzl said forget it. We cannot have a state in the ancient land of Israel. We would have to fight the Turkish German alliance. It would kill millions upon millions of people. We can’t do it. It’s not worth it. He said to the British you have land in Africa. Just give us Uganda. It will do. We’ll live with it. And this would have ruined the Sabbatean plan. It would have destroyed the plan of the Sabbateans. The only way to get the Jews to become a different people was to have Israel back, not Uganda. Uganda wouldn’t have done the trick and anyways we’d be Rhodesia today, you know what I mean. It wouldn’t have worked anyways.”

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