“So, now, here, and I warn you ahead of time – it’s not easy speech, but, nonetheless I’m going to say it. Theodore Herzl went at the age of 44 into a sanatorium in Paris shortly after this little announcement, for a disease. Go and look every which way and find out what was wrong with Herzl. I couldn’t find out what was wrong with Herzl. I couldn’t. And he died after two weeks in the sanatorium. Now when I was growing up, this is what they told me – my parents, my Hebrew school teachers, they all told me the same thing: that Theodore Herzl worked so hard that his heart stopped. Yeah sure he did – he died at 44. Even in 1905 you just didn’t drop dead at 44 because your heart stopped. He was murdered. And tis was the first of the Zionist murders.

You’ve now got a new leader of the Zionists. There was a little gap where someone named Wolfenstein took over the world Zionist organization or what became known in Israel as the Jewish Agency. But then you got yourself a bad one. You got yourself a really, really bad one. You got the head of the Jewish Agency: Chaim Weizmann. And when you got Weizmann in power you got the Jews really in a lot of trouble.

Now I’m going to give you one example and then just to make it easier and then we’ll go backwards. 1936: World Zionist Conference based in Switzerland, Weizmann was applauded no less for saying in the upcoming holocaust, he used the word holocaust, there may not be two million surviving Jews but they will be strong and good for life in Palestine:

We’re going to talk about the connivance very shortly of the Labour Zionists with the Nazis and it’s not a nice story.

Weizmann knew a holocaust was coming. It was planned. And by the way a third of my family died in the holocaust. I want you to know that, thanks to my grandfather and me digging through old records and I found that a third of my family were wiped out. So, don’t think I’m not taking this personally. It is very personal. My children live in Israel. I only left there because I was almost killed there and it’s a different story.

Folks, I’m going to test your maturity now, alright, and I’m not kidding when I say this. You are amongst the priveleged who are going to hear this. Jews have a different problem. They don’t want to accept it. Chaim Weizmann was a butcher. His name should be taken off every university and technical institution – everything. Wipe the name off.”

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