The story of the 50,000 children killed in Canada is nothing new.

Mass babies’ and children’s graves are discovered on regular basis, as one can see from these past media articles:

Often, these mass graves were found near nunneries. Coincidence?

In some cases, no one knows exactly what happened. In other cases the world got to know, because of forensic evidence and eye-witness accounts of the survivors.

Satanic cults with children’s and babies’ sacrifices are nothing new.

And if we go back to history, for thousands of years, children have been murdered to please those who worship, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Moloch or whatever you want to call him.

Haven’t you ever noticed those many paintings of children sacrifices, even in Catholic churches?

No, human sacrifice is not something of the past that ended with the dark ages. Do you still find it hard to believe?

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