In yet another recent post, Dr. Alfred Sant keeps on trumpeting the climate change agenda, an agenda which he did not stop for one second to trumpet to his Facebook page followers:

[I do not find the people who negate the climate change with its effects on society, credible. You meet them anywhere you go to in Europe, and they explain to you their versions and that all of this is none other than frugal thoughts and plots of scientists who want us to change the way we have been accustomed to live. I have got used to reply to them in this way: I come from a zone in the centre of the Mediterranean where the effects of climate change are being felt….in my opinion, very much felt. Recently, we were almost hit by a tsunami that caused enormous chaos. Instead, it kept on moving towards Libya where it caused deaths and big damages. Up until now I did not have a serious reply for this.]

Oh how I love it when people who are on the right side of history, like all those who deny the climate change agenda, are not found credible by the EU puppets, MEPs and all those who are bought to push the agenda because they cannot think otherwise than what is allowed by the EU puppeteer! After all, they earn thousands of money from the EU, not like the rest of you and me. What do you think, dear readers?

Dr. Sant, first of all, people like myself have never denied that the climate does not change. There is a natural course in the climate too and as Professor Ian Plimer stated, the world has just come out of an ice age. Dr. Sant, does it mean that you negate the professional and expertise research about the climate like the mentioned geologist Professor Ian Plimer who I am sure has more knowledge than anyone else when it comes to this subject! So far, you have not given a serious reply to his speech.

Dr. Sant, have you proven the myth that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing climate change, and that thus, you are in favour of eradicating it, which would mean, it would kill plant and animal life? So far, you have not given a serious reply to this. Graphs have proven that climate change and global warming have been manufactured by the UN to control every aspects of our lives. So far, you have not proven otherwise.

Dr. Sant, have you yet given an explanation as to why we have been given doomsday climate scenarios since 1958 which have never materialized, by the media? So far, you have not given a serious reply to this.

Dr. Sant, you still have not given a serious reply to how come we have edited climate articles in order to be published by the media, because it is only the same cult narrative which is pushed. Do you have any serious reply to this?

Dr. Sant, have you turned into a climate grifter whereby you accept green agendas which will kill people? Are you on humanity’s side or on the EU’s side? Better still, are you on the Maltese nation’s side, on Malta’s side or on the EU’s side? Are you betraying the Maltese people, Dr Sant?

At a time when Malta is grappling with unprecedented inflation, thanks to the COVID-19 Great Reset agenda which all of you negated, but for which you blame the Russia-Ukraine war, don’t you think that the climate change agenda is being used so that more environmental taxes are introduced? Haven’t we seen how “the introduction of a new EU environmental tax on shipping next year is expected to lead to more costly imports and higher export costs” as Malta Freeport has warned?

Malta Freeport Terminals CEO Alex Montebello added that “with all large cargo ships forced to fork out for their emissions when docking at EU ports from January, it is likely that carriers will simply avoid Malta altogether” and that this would “undoubtedly have a negative impact on local importers and exporters both in terms of connectivity and cost.” Such concerns were also “echoed by the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Employers Association.”

Isn’t this a system which already applies to aviation and is part of a wider package called ‘Fit for 55’ with the aim of reducing greenhouse emissions in the EU by at least 55% by 2030 when the greenhouse effect is destroyed with simple physics? Isn’t it no coincidence that everything is stumbling upon Agenda 2030? Since you trumpet the climate change agenda, does it mean that you are in favour of eco-taxing the people Dr Sant? So far, you have not given a serious reply to this.

Dr Sant, like yourself, I also come from a zone in the centre of the Mediterranean and yes, I have seen a lot of things changing. I saw Malta changing – for the worse. Let us set aside the geoengineering and the weather manipulation which surely you don’t believe in, don’t you think that the fact that many trees and valleys have been destroyed in Malta, so that the Big Construction Cowboys do the money talk, did impact Malta’s climate? So why is it the fault of the Maltese people now? Why do they have bear the consequences of the Big Construction Cowboys?

Do you see, Dr Alfred Sant, why I repeat what I have written in an earlier piece. People like myself do not deny that the climate does not change. We deny the fact that in order for something to be done for the climate, we need to give up our freedom and pay more taxes to the governments and the unelected globalists!

Dr Sant, in a few months time, as from January, once more eco-taxes are imposed on the Maltese people, please do them a favour: do the door-to-door visits and explain to them that anything they are suffering for is being done with the blessing of the EU you work for and that by paying more taxes under the ‘Fit for 55’ they will bring a change in the climate. And then see what serious replies you get from the people.

In the meantime, well done to all those who stood up to the narrative of Dr Sant and showed that they are not buying any thing of this shit, lies, and propaganda:

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