How graphs prove that climate change and global warming were manufactured by the UN to control every aspect of your life.

The puppets want to make us swallow that our emissions of carbon dioxide are driving an alleged global warming. There is no global warming and the puppets do not show you proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing climate change. Why? Because no one has been able to do it.
Australian geologist Professor Ian Plimer stated:

“There have been periods of 20% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared with [the] 0.04% [of today]. We didn’t have runaway global warming. We actually had ice ages.”

Here is a graph which shows how average temperature has actually fallen since 2015 rather than risen:

Here is another graph by NASA which shows that there has been no global warming in almost eight years despite more CO2 were put into the atmosphere. The graph shows that the temperature in August 2022 was of the same level of that of August 1998:

And here is another graph showing Central England temperatures and Global CO2 emissions from 1659 to 2009 that keep on proving that carbon emissions are not the cause of rising temperatures:

It is clear that global warming and their climate change fearmongering are hoaxes. And yet the UN has been driving this agenda for decades as this cutting from a newspaper dated 29th June 1989 shows:

It is clear that as Glenn Beck an American conservative political commentator radio host entrepreneur and television producer has warned us in 2012 climate change and global warming are hoaxes which were manufactured for the sole purpose of implementing UN Agenda 21 which later became Agenda 2030 so to control every aspect of your life.

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